Pair trading with 2 instruments reverse martingale ea

Pair trading with 2 instruments reverse martingale ea 1.31

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The Expert Advisor is designed for paired trading of 2 selected instruments with automatic calculation of the correlation coefficient and determination of one of the 8 possible inputs of 4 for positive and negative correlation. The inputs to be used are set in the settings: 1 and 3 for trading on delta decrease between instruments, 2 and 4 - for trading on delta increase (more dangerous variant of trading). There are trading management buttons, information and statistical panels. There is a wide range of variants of controlling the opening and closing of positions, but it is not recommended to handle everything at once - just select the modes that are optimal for you.
The indicator in the 2nd screen is not involved in trading - just for visualization of delta changes. It can trigger the recalculation at the same time as the EA. If anyone is interested, please contact me personally and I will send it to you for free.
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