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The underlying P.S.-Technical Trading bot is a computer program written in the MQL5 language. The P.S.-Technical Trading bot is a fully automated trading robot based on the two developed technical indicators, ADX and Parabolic SAR, developed by technical analyst Welles Wilder Jr.
This book, "New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems", was first published in 1978.

In addition, the trading bot eliminates all too understandable emotions during trading.

Here are a few quotations from Welles Wilder Jr.

1. Failure is most often caused by letting your emotions take over your system or plan. "
2. Some traders have an inborn ability to be disciplined. It is not something that everyone can learn. "
3."If you can't deal with emotion, get out of trading. "
The trading robot takes care of all these issues.

Product description:

Based on Welles Wilder Jr.'s strategy, the P.S. Technical trading bot was developed. The P.S.-Technical Trading bot works with two indicators, the ADX and the Parabolic SAR.
Fully automatic trading 24/5. The EA works around the clock, fully automatic.
P.S. Technical trading bot was optimised once using real ticks and a modeling quality 99.99%.
It does not need a substantial initial deposit (1000 EUR is sufficient).
Important: EUR/USD M15 is the recommended default setting. If you can, use the 15 minute chart. Although theoretically, the 10 minute or 5-minute chart is also possible. However, better trends can be mathematically derived from longer charts. This is how P.S. Technical tradingbot tends be more effective.
The delay of a VPS server or virtual hosting should not exceed 15 ms.
It works this way:

The P.S.-Technical trading bot uses the ADX indicator and the Parabolic SAR indicator to open a long position or a short position based on these trading signals.

These indicators can be used to indicate when a trading offer is open for a long or short trade.

Explanation of the ADX indicator: The ADX measures trend strength. The ADX indicator measures whether bears or bulls are dominant in a market. If the ADX is over 20, for example, then you usually have a trend. If the ADX, for example, has a value above 20 and there is now a crossing between the two lines DI+ and DI-, then this crossing has a force and indicates a possible upward trend.

For example, if the ADX crosses the line D+ or D-, it is a signal to enter the P.S. Technical tradingbot. The first and the second parabolic SAR indicator points is also taken into account if it is below (bullish signal) or above (bearish signal) the candle. If both the signals are in line, then a buy position can be opened. If, for instance, the line D+ crosses over D-, the SAR Parabolic indicator will appear under the candle. Conversely, the same applies except that the P.S.-Technical trading bot opens a sell position in this case.

P.S. Technical's trading bot is alerted to any crossing of D+ and D– and D+ and D+ if your ADX indicator exceeds your set value. It also utilizes the Parabolic signal SAR indicator to minimize sideways or false signals.

The P.S. technical tradingbot can be fully automated. You have the ability to modify the input parameters as follows:
  • ADX value setting used as threshold value for trends
  • ADX Period Setting
  • Adjustable lot size - a quantity that the EA will trade
  • Take Profit - in points for buy trade setting
  • Stop Loss-in points to buy setting
  • Buy and trade comment
  • Set up a sell-trade setting and take profit
  • Stop Loss - in points for sell setting
  • Trade comment sell setting
  • EA Magic Number - used for trade identification
Money management can be automated so you won't need to think about it after your first set up. Use ADX 27.
P.S. Technical trading bot can be used by both beginners and professionals. The trading strategy is automatically checked on the chart and the trade decision taken away within seconds. This saves you a lot time as you no longer have to wait for an entry signal.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions.
All the best
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