NightTrader forex scalping ea review

NightTrader forex scalping ea review 1.4

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Not Grid! No martingale! Manual adjustments are not required Each trade is stop-loss protected.
The Expert Advisor trades only at night for a short period of time at the end of the New York session.
The EURUSD has low volatility and it enters trades using indicator data. It uses dynamic stop-losses and take-profits, which are also set according to the indicators. Additional losses can be reduced by using a safe mode that uses Bollinger Bands.
The trading behavior of the Expert Advisor can be seen on the signal:

Principal parameters​

  • Custom Magic - unique magic number to identify the Expert Advisor and currency pair
  • Custom Comment - comment to trades
  • Maximum allowed spread
    • Maximum allowed slippage - maximum allowed slippage
    • Use dynamic Money Management - automatic lot size definition
    • Risk- The risk of losing 10% or more equity.
    • Max Lot-Size - maximum lot size per trade.
    • Use only fixed Lot-Size - Fixed lot size if Dynamic Money Management is off
    • Safety Mode Use Bollinger Bands in order to minimize possible losses
    • Is New York in DST - set to true if New York moved to Daylight Saving Time (Spring). Set false otherwise (in winter).
    • GMT Offset in Hours in Hours - when testing on the history of the author the GMT calculation is not possible, so this parameter must still be set manually for more effective testing
    • Optimization Valu: Values to optimize EA behavior. We will publish new values as market conditions change. Please do not change them yourself.
We recommend, though not obligatory, to choose ECN brokers with five-figure quotes.
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