NightSniperMT5 download robot forex scalping

NightSniperMT5 download robot forex scalping 2.0

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NightSniperMT5 is a fully automated multicurrency trading platform for night scalping.​


  • Expert Advisor can trade on all 28 Majors, Crosses, Gold and Silver.
  • Adviser doesn't use risky methods
  • Adviser uses the minimum number of input parameters available for understanding
  • Adviser sets all orders fixed and hidden from the broker stop loss and take profit
  • The Advisor uses the magic number Magic to identify its orders


  • Any broker with tight spreads and fast execution is good for trading
  • Minimum recommended deposit $100
  • The default parameters can be modified to make an Expert Advisor.
  • An Expert Advisor can be used the default settings


  • Magic - the magic number
  • The volume of an order is called Lot.
  • TradeMode: trade mode that works only with the current chart
  • Symbols - list of symbols to trade in the single chart mode on all symbols from this list

The Expert Advisor can trade only on certain currency pairs. Before you allow it to, make sure to test the symbol using the tester. High profits in the past do not guarantee the same high profits in the future.
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