Night Scalper PRO MT5 fx scalper reviews

Night Scalper PRO MT5 fx scalper reviews 1.0

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The new multicurrency Expert Advisor from INFINITY uses a strategy based on the tendency of the price to return to the daily range at the end of the day. As a consequence, we see the upper and lower shadow of the daily candle.
Expert Advisor includes a news filter with Drawdown and a drawdown operation that protects the account from price rises on news items.
You can see the Night Scalper PRO's stable profit over the past few months in the real account in 100% automatic trading mode:
Only the first 10 copies will be available at the current price. After that the price will increase.
For an invitation to INFINITY VIP Chat, and to access useful links, please contact me immediately after you have made your purchase
Real trading uses MT4 or MT5. Only one chart is needed (e.g EURUSD M15). Night Scalper PRO can trade all pairs. It is not necessary to install the advisor on all pairs!
A broker that has a low spread and quotes at least 5 digits following the pip is recommended (example: 1.12345).
For stable performance use a VPS

Benefits of Night Scalper PRO:

Multicurrency trading
Dynamic calculation for tradeable lot sizes
Built-in News filter
On 100% Quality ticks
There are no additional files to "Set it and Forget it".
Accounts with low leverage starting at 1:10
There are no dangerous strategies like doubling the lot or grid, nor martingales.
Can be used with other INFINITY Expert Advisors on one account:

Advisor settings Night Scalper PRO:

List of Pairs to Trade - list all pairs that have been traded
Trade Pairs- An automatic chart opening function that displays trade pairs (can be set to position = false as it doesn't affect trade).
Lot Type: Fixed / % of Balance / Dynamic Lot / % Risk by order
Fixed - fixed (constant) lot size
% of Balance - lot size is proportional to Balance (example: 10% is 0.
Dynamic Lot/Step Balance - the lot size is proportional to the step of Balance (for example, if 0.01 with step 250 for $1000 Balance, EA will open the lot 0.04)
The lot size is dependent on the order risk. Higher Risk means higher Risk/Profit factors
Drawdown Operation- This function protects the account in case of a drawdown
Max Drawdown, % - the value of the maximum account drawdown (in percent) to activate the Drawdown Operation
Max Drawdown, money - meaning of the maximum drawdown of the account (in money terms) for activation of the Drawdown Operation
Drawdown Action: Close orders/ Close
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