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NewsCatcher Pro for MT5 forex news trading robot free download 10.3

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Based on the calendar, both market and pending orders can be opened by the NewsCatcher Pro adviser. NewsCatcher Pro allows live trading and automatically downloads the calendar. It opens, closes, escorts, and closes all orders.
NewsCatcher Pro can trade any news from the calendar on any symbol available in MetaTrader, including gold, oil and cross rates. To change the symbol, go to the strategy view.
Two strategies are supported by the NewsCatcher PRO Advisor:
  1. Strategy 1 (pending orders): two pending orders on the eve of the data release. One of the orders will be triggered if the market is moving after data release.
  2. Strategy 2: Market orders: The Expert Advisor compares actual to forecast, or previous values after data releases and opens market orders if delta has been reached.
All economic data is stored locally by the EA. Claims are published every week. Non-farm Payrolls are published every month. The advisor correctly applies the saved strategy settings to the economic data. You can combine strategies. When a market order is opened, the advisor deletes the pending order in the same direction.
The default NewsCatcher Pro Advisor creates an auto-click strategy to handle high volatility events. The Expert Advisor can work fully automatically because of this. It is recommended that you look at your calendar every other week to select important events. This will allow for more efficient trading. These are primarily Consumer Price Index, GDP and Employment and Cost of Labor data (CPI, GDP, Employment Change, Claimant Count and Nonfarm Payrolls). You can set up an event once and the Expert Advisor will automatically work with it forever.

Advisor properties​

Color preset - color scheme.
Fontsize - font size.
Pending orders follow price - pending orders follow price. Follow price stops 10 seconds before the event.
Global step for pending orders - The global step for pending orders. You can override value by using the "g" option in the event view.
Global takeprofit - Global takeprofit. The "g" character overrides the value.
International trail-global trail. The "g" overrides the value.
global stoploss The "g" character redefines the value.
Global volume is global volume. A fixed value (Example: 0.02) or a percentage of the available funds (Example: 0.1%). The value is set by the "g".
Slip - The slippage, the exceeding of which prohibits the trade.
Test mode If you don't have any downloaded calendars, then use "Demo_Calendar". The results cannot be taken into account because the demo calendar is a random event.
Zero auto for a few minutes -auto for a few minutes after the trade opened. The Expert Advisor tries to set a stop loss on the opening line.Zero to disable.

Diagrammatic explanation of the buttons​

Buy - Purchase on the Current Symbol.
sell - sell on the current symbol.
pending - 2 pending stop orders from the current price. Pending Orders can be tracked by price ( Price = True).
rev. on slip - reverses the trade if the slip exceeds the value of the Slip property.
dynamic- Turns on dynamic trail
zero now - sets the stop loss on the opening line as soon as possible (Breakeven).
sounds - turns on sounds.
lock links all column actions with the current chart symbol.
clear targets - removes target levels.
rm immediate closes all market orders
rm pending - closes all pending orders.
closes all profits orders
rm loss - closes all losing orders.
closes all pending and market orders.

To quickly jump to the chart, click the currency icon in the EA interface.
Click an event in the EA interface to open advanced event settings.
The dot next to "next event" flashes when the EA receives new data. The more often it flashes the closer the time of the event.
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