MultiPro ADX EA news based algorithmic trading

MultiPro ADX EA news based algorithmic trading 5.9

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MultiPro ADX, a multicurrency Expert Advisor that works automatically with our ADX indicators, is fully automated. MultiPro ADX can trade 15 currencies from one chart.
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The Basics

EA plug and play is fully automated and easy to set up
To help protect your wealth, our advisors always use a preset stop loss.
No grid / martingale / hedging or other dangerous rebound systems
FIFO compliance
Using our dynamic lot system will exponentially increase your profits over time.
Trades can become dangerous if economic news is not kept in mind. We have included a news filter of high quality. You can close trades prior to the news or pause them before it. Then, you can trade after it.
We offer the option to close trades on Fridays if you do not want to trade on weekends.

MultiPro ADX trades 15 currency pairs from one chart; AUDCHF,AUDJPY,AUDUSD,CADCHF,CADJPY,CHFJPY,EURCAD,EURCHF,EURHKD,EURJPY,EURUSD,GBPCAD,USDCAD,USDCHF,USDJPY. To download the Expert Advisor, please just attach it to the 1 hour EURUSD and choose the risk and news settings.

Lot sizes and risk:

High Risk - 0.01 for 100

Medium risk - 0.01 per 500;

Very low risk, 0.01 for every 1000


Base Balance - 1000 - Sets the base amount for dynamic lots;

Lots per balance - .01 - Lots to a certain base balance;

Maximum number of positions at any time - 4 - Maximum number of open positions;

Close trades on Fridays? - Correct - Closes deals on Fridays;

Friday, Thursday - 6:00 pm - Closing time of deals on Fridays;

News update interval (minutes) - 10 - How often will the news be updated;

Include important news? New high-performance filter that is true to the filter

Include news about medical impact? - false filter environmental impact news;

Include new low-impact news? - low-impact false filter news;

Do you close all trades before the news? - true - Close trades before news;

Close all before news (minutes) - 15 - How many minutes before news to close orders;

Trades must be stopped before the news is true. Temporarily suspend any new orders.

Do not trade before the news is announced (minutes). Until 180 minutes after the pause, you can stop trading.

Trade after the news. True post-news trading statistics.

Trade immediately after receiving the news. Wait at least 30 minutes before you start trading.

VPS is highly recommended, please test it before you buy and check the comments for news filter URL information.
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