Multi Instruments TrendSystem 6 CP grid trend trading

Multi Instruments TrendSystem 6 CP grid trend trading 1.10

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The strategy which is applied in finance market all around the world is known as CTA strategy. A successful CTA always includes multi-strategies, multi-instruments and multi-timeframe. Multi Instruments TrendSystems (MITS), a series that allows you to use different tools with different timeframes, is a highly profitable strategy.
Multi Instruments TrendSystem 6 CP (Central Power) MT5 is a fully automated multi-instrument Expert Advisor. This EA is one of our trend strategies EA, it can be used on lots of instruments (Forex, Spot Metal, Commodity, Energy, Stock Index, Crypto Curreny, etc). It is an Expert advisor to identify instrument's trend. To identify the pivotal price, it uses the resistance and pressure lines. When the price break the balance, the trend appears.
These are the guidelines for using an instrument (results may vary depending on your broker's information):
Japan225: 4H
China50: 6H
Dow Jones: 8H
Soybean: 8H

Easy to use:

  • The expert advisor can be added to any instrument chart. That's all you need to trade on those instruments.
  • It can work in the strategy tester in the "open prices only" mode. You can test it on any instrument.
  • No parameters need to be optimised, one set of parameters for all kind of instruments. It would not be overfitting.
  • The program works at any speed and does not require a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Not Martingale, not Grid, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are not used.
  • You can use it in all types of accounts.
  • It can be tested on any instrument at any time without requiring you to configure the parameters.

Configurable parameter:
  • Many: Your broker will determine the number of lots that you wish to trade. Mini-accountants: I recommend setting in 0.01.
  • Magic number: This magic number is used to distinguish this EA from other EAs.


  • You should test the default lot in this parameter in strategy tester before using it. For account balance under $200, we recommend to set lots in 0.01 for each instrument. We highly recommend your minimum deposit is $500 and start it with at least 5 different kinds of instruments.
  • Before you start using the tool, make sure to test the strategy.
  • Test the strategy in your Demo account for at least several days.
  • The EA will auto open a position if you close the open position manually. If you wish to manually close the position, disable the EA.

Here are 2 hedge signals used machine learning model:

Stock Index Hedge Strategy

Forex Hedge Strategy

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.
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