MMM Heiken Ashi scalping forex robot

MMM Heiken Ashi scalping forex robot 1.13

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Heiken Ashi Strategy for Advisor:
  • It uses an improved, proven Heiken Ashi indicator to calculate the trend of the prices. It sends orders, closes or moves stop loss positions according to the indicator. It is great for scalping.
  • If the calculation does not show a profit opportunity, orders will be refused
  • The robot, like all MMM products, is programmed to provide capital protection for adverse market conditions. There are protective mechanisms such as a trailing stop whereby the stop loss moves closer to the current price of the currency pair as soon as the order makes a profit. To send a new purchase, you can specify the minimal amount of funds that your account must have.
  • You can set profit limits in monetary terms.
General Options
  • Closes orders with any profit of value over in currency: This option works the same as the traditional take profit, but with the difference that it specifies a value in the deposit currency, usually USD. You can disable it by entering 0 (zero).
  • Order profit ceiling (take profit): The traditional Take Profit. Value is expressed in pip. The value of Take Profit will be used to automatically open orders. You can disable this setting by entering 0 (zero).
  • Stop loss (loss limit): traditional stop loss. The value is in pips. Orders will automatically open with this value of stop loss. You can disable this setting by entering 0 (zero).
  • Lots volume to trade: The volume of orders to trade on the current currency pair. Mandatory
  • Trailing stop loss:the traditional trailing stop. The value of this stop loss is expressed in pips. This value will automatically be added to orders. You can disable this setting by entering 0 (zero).
  • Orders expiration time in minutes: Orders expiration time in minutes. The default value is 1440 minutes (one day). Set it to 0 to disable this feature. Minimum value is 10 minutes;
  • Max number of simultaneous order to open this symbol.Maximum amount of simultaneous orders for current symbol. To disable this setting enter 0 (zero);
  • Minimum equity percentage to allow opening new orders: minimum amount of equity required to open new orders, used to protect capital.
  • Magic number: This magic number is used to identify EA orders.
  • Double Lots on Gain: If set true, the EA will double the volume of the next orders when the profit order closes on the current symbol. To disable the parameter, set false. If set to true, then the EA works in martingale mode;
An indicator setting
  • Number of bars to calculate trends: the number of bars for trend calculation;
  • Moving Average Period:the moving average timeframe for working in the Heiken Ashi algorithm. The best results can be achieved if the specified timeframe is less than the chart timeframe;
  • Moving Average Method:the moving average method for working in the Heiken Ashi algorithm. If the given timeframe is shorter than that of the chart, the best results will be obtained.
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