MarketMakerMT5 forex hedged usd

MarketMakerMT5 forex hedged usd 1.0

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Automate supply and demand trading. Create the market.
The popular demand and supply indicator, which everyone copies and sells, inspired this EA. The advisor continues to trade and hedge, shaping the market. You can also trade in non-hedge accounts. It is important to evaluate risks, use time frames, lot sizes and consider hedging options. I traded it for about a month in total on several pairs at the same time.

System concept:

Advisors trade at bid and ask levels. Levels change, so the advisor will continue to trade at new levels. Allocation between many pairs with lower lots is a function of the system. Large drawdowns should be avoided while maintaining stable profits. A stop loss can be used, however the aspects of hedge that I have described allow you to do this. The drawdown I get with small lots on many pairs is 4%, and that's without a stop loss. Larger lots show 6%. So the smaller size is conservative and the larger size is more aggressive. These are the reasons why lots are trading below balance. Professionals need room to develop.


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