Loss Recovery Trader MT5 hedge fx risk

Loss Recovery Trader MT5 hedge fx risk 12.0

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Robots attempt to stop losing trades.
If a trade moves in a losing direction, the Zone Recovery algorithm is triggered.
Two price levels determine the initial point of an order of sales and purchases. For each of the two trades there are two exit points (higher and lower).
All trades are closed with cumulative profit when one of the exit points has been reached.
Version for MT4


General settings
  • Close_All: close all trades
  • Magic: magic number
  • Commission_per_Lot_Amount: commission per lot
1. Method of primary trade opening
  • FistTradeMode - Selection of the first trade opening method
    • External_Manual_Trade : trade opened manually
    • Trade opened by an external EA
    • Moving Average: Moving Average-based strategy
    • Bollinger Bands: A reversal strategy that is based on Bollinger bands
    • With the other methods, the EA itself instantly opens a trade of a certain type
2. Set recovery zone
  • RecoveryZoneRangePips: the size of the loss in pips, at which the reverse trade is opened.
  • RecoveryZoneExitPips: the profit size of the last trade in pips, at which the EA will complete the recovery
3. Lot calculation method
  • Lot_Calculation_Mode: Choice of lot size calculation option
    • Profit_In_Pips: At the end of the recovery, this is the value of the profit amount in pips, relative to the volume of the first trade
    • Profit_In_Amount: at the end of the recovery is the value of the profit amount
    • Lot_Multiplier: a multiplier will be used for each new trade
You can choose to change or leave the option as it is
4. Initial trade settings
These settings apply only to the very first trade and have no effect after the recovery algorithm runs.
  • Lot: fixed lot
  • Auto Lot The start lot is calculated at % of your balance
  • Lot_Percents% value for Auto Lot = true
  • Take Profit: Take Profit in pips
  • Enable_Trailing_Stop: enable trailing stop function
  • Trailing_Stop_Start_Level: trailing stop trigger level
  • Trailing_Stop_Distance: Trailing stop step in pips
  • Enable_Break_Even: protection the specified number of profit pips
  • Break Even Start_Level: number of profit pips to activate protection
  • Break Even Entry_Level: Minimum number of pips required to close and fix the trade
5. Management of recovery algorithm risks
  • Max_Orders: maximum number of open orders
  • Close_Trades_When_Max_Orders_Exceeded: closing all trades when the maximum allowed number of open orders is reached, if the next trade should open
  • Maximum_Loss_Amount Stopping trades if the account has reached the loss specified on open trades
  • Close_All_at_This_Profit: Closing all trades when the recovery profit on a currency pair reaches the specified here
6. Grid settings
You can use grid/martingale before a recovery, or use a grid advisor.
  • EnableGrid enabling the grid for orders
  • GridGap - lose in pips for opening a new grid trade
  • GridAdditionalTrades: additional grid to the original trade
  • GridTP Total Take Profit in Pip It is calculated based on the average open price.
  • GridMultiplier: multiplier for subsequent trades in the grid
  • External_Trade_Number_of_Trades: used when using an external EA with more than 1 trade. Here you can set the number of trades before the rebuild starts.
  • Use_Grid_Stop_Loss_Amount:closing all trades when the loss in the grid is reached
You can use the grid to perform trailing stop or Breakeven depending on your average profit per pips.
7. Time Filter, Time Filter
  • Use_Time_Zone_1_1: trade only at the specified time
    • Time_Zone_1_Start: trade start time
    • Time_Zone_2_End: trade end time
9. Advanced settings
  • Avoid_Grid_and_Recovery: do not use grid and recovery.
  • Initial_Stop_Loss initial loss, if true.
  • Min_Recovery_Amount_for_closing: minimum profit to close in recovery mode
  • usePendingOrders: using pending or market orders for recovery mode
  • UseSafetyPlacement Forcing Market Orders If No Recovery Order is Set
  • Max_Drawdown_Percent: closing all trades when the specified drawdown percentage is reached
  • enable_earlier_closing: closing all trades after opening the specified number of trades and reaching the specified profit
    • earlier_closing_trades: number of trades to be opened
    • earlier_closing_profit_amount: profit to be reached
  • enable_profit_trailing: applying a money-based trailing stop
    • profit_trailing_trade_start: number of trades that must be opened
    • profit_trailing_amount_start: profit that must be reached to activate profit trailing
    • profit_trailing_amount_step: profit trailing step
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