Lock Recovery currency hedging example

Lock Recovery currency hedging example 1.9

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Lock Recovery was created to help recover positions that have suffered losses.
Lock Recovery is equipped with an algorithm for locking loss positions, Grid averaging for position loss recovery, 2 types of close partial by money and by percentage profit to reduce the drawdown load and margin used, and a trade panel that contains basic tools for locking, trailing, Open and close positions by simply pressing a button.

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Input Settings:
1. Take control of open positions
+ Trade buy: Buy
+ Trade Sell: allow sell
+ Enable 1 minute OHLC modeling Algorithm :ea open and close positions follow the 1 minute ohlc price structure.

2. Manage pending orders
+ Remove trendline from position opening: Set false to continue pending orders.

3. Take control of your lot
+ Lot Type: Choose a lot type
+ Multiplier for Martingale 3: Multiplier lot coefficient
+ Max Lots per Trade

4. Manage GRID
+ Use GRID: manage GRID
+ Maxtrade: Max trade allowed

5. Grid Parameters
+ Add grid averaging buy only in the direction of the trend: add grid if there is a buy signal
+ Purchase Step (in pip): Distance for the next long position
+ Expanding Step Coefficient Buy: coefficient multiplier

6. Selling Grid Parameter
+ Add grid average sell only in direction of trend: add grid when there is a buy signal
+ Sell Step in pips: Distance to open next short position
+ Expanding Step Coefficient Sell: coefficient multiplier

7. Modify Step Parameters
+ Step for Change: Enable/disable step to change
There are many things you can do to make a change.
+ Step Change to (in pips).
+ Expanding Step coefficient: step multiplier coefficient to change step

8. Manage Virtual Stoploss, Takeprofit, Trailling & Break even
+ Use Virtual Stop Loss & Takeprofit: Virtual Stop Loss & takeprofit
+ Virtual Stop Loss in Pips: A stop loss in pips
+ Virtual Take Profit (in pips): Takeprofit in pips
+ Trailing in Averaging, in Pips: All Trailing in Pip
+ Trailing Start in Pips: Trailing begins at pips
+ Trailling Size (in pips): Step trailing in pips
+ Use Break Even : Breakeven in pips
+ Break Even Start, in pips : Break even start
+ Break Even Step, in pips : Break even step

9. Manage Lock
+ Fill in Line Lock name : fill in line lock name
+ Select Lot Lock Method : Select lock method
+ There is no split lot
+ Split Lot Lock Into Minimum Lot Broker
+ Split Lot Lock Into X Part
+ If Split Lot Lock Into X Part, Fill in X Part

10. Manage Drawdown Reduction
+ Use Auto Close Partial, in money: Close Partial in money
+ Choose Close Partition Method
+ Close partial buy & sell: partial close by bringing 1 buy loss & 1 sell loss
+ Partial close buy/sell: Close by only bringing 1 loss (or 1 sale loss)
+ Close partial all: A combination of close partial buy & sell and close partial buy / sell.
+ Trade to activate partial closing: The minimum amount of positions required to apply partial close.
+ Minimum profit to close partial $: Minimum profit to do partial close, in money.
+ Use Auto Close Partial, in percentage: Close partial in percentage
+ Trade to activate partial closing: The minimum amount of positions required to apply partial close.
+ Percentage of profit to close partial%: Minimum profit to do partial close, in percentage.

11. Time Management
+ Time control: Limitations on trading hours or days only apply to the opening of a new cycle. Use the broker's time for timing.
+ Trade Start Time: Time to start trades
+ Trade End Times: When the trading session is over

12. Autotrade Test
+ Auto Trade Test - This feature allows you learn about Lock Recovery in the backtester, and can also be used to automate trades in real time.
+ Add Grid Trend: Allowing double-open position when the trend is met

13. Manage Others
+ Max Spread (in Pips): spread allowed
+ Coefficient (if Freeze=0 Or StopsLevels=0) : Fill in at least 1, only to anticipate volatile market conditions and the broker will increase freezelevel and stop level.
+ Magic number : EA identifies open positions based on this magic number. Fill in 0 (Zero) so that ea can recognize all positions opened manually or by other eas.
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