Legend Comeback multicurrency forex robot

Legend Comeback multicurrency forex robot 7.1

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Version for MT4 - Legend Comeback HTML4
Legend Comeback
  • This trading system is completely original and has no counterparts in the currency market. It is a combination of one of the most reliable trading systems, with aggressive parameters and its own recovery mechanism. This isn't a grid or scalper with a maximum deposit amount that everyone knows, but an artificial intelligence system to calculate market entry and exit parameters. It also has a built in author's security system.

  • It is an opportunity to start trading with just 1 USD (cent accounts) per currency pair
  • This is an interactive order management panel + Recovery system

Legend Comeback

You can optimize parameters for any currency pairs and TF
  • When analyzing entry points the adviser considers the expected profit and selects parameters so as to extract maximum profit from the market. As can be seen in the test results
refers to a system that is based on opening orders and has an author's security program
  • to work, just install the .set file
  • lot size regulates trading aggression
Recommendations for use:
  • Stop Level 10-20%
  • initial deposit 100 USD or 1 USD cent account
3 trading strategies:
  • Conservative
  • Reverse
  • Aggressive
  • MinBar - minimum bar height for entering the market
  • BarPeriod - bars period for analysis
  • BarCoefficient - bar increase ratio relative to the current period
  • TakeProfitPercent- Percentage of the bar used in computing TP
  • ModeLot window to select the lot setting mode
  • Lot - Lot parameter used in lot calculation based on the Lot Selection Mode
  • Distance - distance of placing orders during averaging
  • Magic – magic number
  • ShowPanel (true/false) - open/close interactive panel
  • Scalepercent - interactive panel scaling
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