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The project is based on the classical trading strategy of returning to the average, which is most typical for the Forex market. The logic is simple and reliable: after the strong and sharp movements in the market, there is often a pullback due to triggering of stops and profit taking by market makers, even in case of strong trends and news. The Expert Advisor tracks 15 different signals of moving away from the mean values and enters the trade at the places of the most likely pullback. This strategy is based on bars, and doesn't depend on slippages or spreads.

The robot is trained on historical data of different brokers and developed by traders with many years of experience, which allows it to "catch" the pullback movements. The group of developers conducted all the necessary stress-tests on historical data of different brokers, forward-tests and, of course, tests on real accounts, the results of which you can see in the monitoring and signals.

We don't leave you to deal with the product yourself after purchase

We support our customers and provide help in installing and setting up the Expert Advisor. After you have purchased the Expert Advisor, contact us.

  • The Expert Advisor works on 21 stocks of the American stock exchange: AMZN,BA,EA,FB,GOOGL,GS,IBM,MMM,NEM,NFLX,PEP,PM,PRU,TSLA,ATVI,CAT,DIS,KO,LLY,PG,VZ
  • The Expert Advisor's set file contains the name of the manager. Set it on a capital of 500 USD and more.
  • The Expert Advisor is multi-currency and is set on only one chart, you do not need to set it on every pair.

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