KT Renko Patterns Robot MT5 breakout forex ea for ftmo

KT Renko Patterns Robot MT5 breakout forex ea for ftmo 2.0

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In manual trading, many of the trading setups and opportunities provided by the KT Renko Patterns indicator are missed due to sudden price movements on the Renko charts.
KT Renko Patterns EA solves this problem by implementing a 100% automated trading strategy based on the "KT Renko Patterns indicator". It retrieves the signals and patterns from the indicator and performs pre-checks to ensure that the trades are executed efficiently.

All the dependencies are embedded in the expert advisor. It's not imperative to buy the KT Renko Patterns indicator to operate this EA successfully.
Download the set files for 10 pips Renko box to perform the similar backtests.

These are the features​

  • Save tons of time by going fully automatic with the KT Renko Patterns indicator
  • Compatible with our Renko Chart Generator
  • Additional downloads are not required. The EA contains all required dependencies.
  • The indicator's stop-loss or profit target can be retrieved directly.
  • It prints the pattern name with each entry to facilitate the identification of each trade.
  • You can further enhance the EA performance by using inbuilt filters such as Session Filter, MMI and Vortex, Volatility or Market Regime, among others.
  • To prevent winners turning to losses, there is a flexible stop-loss trailing.
  • Protection against the black swan events using the max. loss function.

Input Parameters​

  • ----- Renko Pattern Setting -----
  • Min. Bars Between Patterns: The number of min. Each pattern has a minimum of two bars.
  • W-M Pattern: true/false
  • Power Pennant Pattern: true/false
  • AB=CD Pattern: true/false
  • Triple Top/Bottom Design: True/False
  • Top/Bottom Design: True/False
  • Two Back Brick Pattern: True/False
  • ZigZag Pattern: true/false
  • Swing Breakout Pattern: true/false
  • Drawing Pattern Names: EA will, if true, draw each trade with the name of the pattern.

  • Max. Active Positions: The no. Maximum active positions in the direction of.
  • Leave at Opposite Type: Positions will close at patterns that are in the opposite direction if true.
  • Lot Size Method: Fixed or Auto

  • ----- Exit Settings -----
  • Stoploss Method: Pips/Volatility/Fetch from indicator
  • Take-Profit Method: Pips/Volatility or TP1/TP2/TP3 from the indicator
  • SL Tracking Method: Pip/Volatility

  • ----- Set the Filters -----
  • Trading Sessions: All
  • False
  • Volatility Filter - True
  • Vortex Filter: True | False
  • MMI Filter: True

  • ----- Miscellaneous Settings -----
  • Max Loss Protection: True | False
  • Logging: True


Q. How to backtest this EA?
A. The Renko chart generator by KT Renko Chart Utility will also be available on the strategy tester. In tester, you can select the Renko chart from the custom symbol and backtest on it like a normal chart.

Q. Does it also draw Renko patterns on the chart like the indicator?
A. The EA marks the pattern's name with each trade, but it cannot draw the patterns like the indicator. You might consider buying the KT Renko Patterns indicator to see all the pattern formations.

Q. Why it's making my PC slow?
A. Make sure you are using a well-optimized Renko utility to build the Renko charts. Ask for it in the messages if you do not have one.

Q. Is it compatible with standard time-based charts
A. The EA was specifically designed for Renko charts. Although it can be used on any time-based chart, this EA is not advised as it would defeat its entire purpose.

Q. What is the reason that trading positions cannot be seen on Renko charts?
A. MT5 handles the Renko chart as a separate symbol. Trading positions will be visible on the normal chart.
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