Killer Market MT5 trending forex robot

Killer Market MT5 trending forex robot 4.0

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Killer Market is an advisor that allows you to "Resolve" unprofitable orders. It also has a news filter and a function for sending signals via Telegram.

The Expert Advisor can be used to restore unprofitable positions on the account as a utility to bring trades to breakeven that you opened with your hands or other Expert Advisors.

Works inside a linear regression channel, input on several conditions. Signal uses channel width, direction, and intersection of exponential moving Averages. It also calculates average daily volatility.
If the price moves against us, then the grid step (drawdown reduction function) activates. The account recovery function reduces the distance between unprofitable orders by closing opposite orders that have a profit. Thus, the EA overcomes almost any recoilless movements and drawdowns. The chart displays information about profit, news and draws the regression channel itself.

Live Signals:

Principal Function:​

  • Trading on signals that are included in the strategy
  • Trading with buttons
  • Filter News
  • Filter using open positions for other trading instruments
  • Unprofitable accounts should be closed
  • Position averaging
  • Trailing stop profit of positions
  • Transfer to breakeven
  • Sending trade signals to telegrams
  • Sending news to telegrams

Setting up Telegrams:​

  1. Tools -> Settings -> Advisers -> Allow WebRequest for the following URLs ( add the address and );
  2. Make your bot with Telegram @ @BotFather. Remember Token, it looks something like this - 1325027157:AAEBQW4qQprG1ucv-J64r8ZrQMhSlrkkoLY;
  3. Make your channel public and create it.
  4. Create a bot for your channel, and assign it the role of administrator. For example " HELLO TO THE WORLD!", you can write any message.
  5. Follow the link:[BOTA TOKEN 022/[email protected]>USERNAME_CHANNEL 022&text=test. In my case, this is:[email protected]_signals_daily&text=test
  6. Click on the link to display the channel ID. It will appear like this: (101210833776 )(13 digits). Keep it in mind.
  7. Enter the channel identification number in the advisor settings.


  • START_LOT - initial lot at FROM_BALANCE - by N balance units
  • LOT_MULTIPLIER - lot multiplier in the order grid;
  • MAX_LOT - maximum lot;
  • PERIOD is the time between two bars.
  • COEFFICIENT - coefficient for calculating channel boundaries;
  • DEGREE is a type of channel construction
  • MIN_CHANNEL_WIDTH - minimum channel width for entering a trade;
  • PERIOD_ATR and TIMEFRAME_ATR are the timeframes of ATR values used to determine average aolatility.
  • FASTER_MA is a fast-moving period of time;
  • FASTER_MA_METHOD is a fast-moving averaging technique;
  • FASTER_MA_PRICE is a used price
  • FASTER_MA_SHIFT - shift;
  • Slower moving periods;
  • SLOWER_MA_METHOD is a slow-moving averaging technique;
  • SLOWER_MA_PRICE - used price;
  • SLOWER_MA_SHIFT - shift;
  • STEP_ORDERS - order grid step;
  • STEP_MULTIPLIER - order step multiplication factor, if = -1 then it is not used;
  • MAX_STEP - maximum order grid step;
  • OVERLAP_ORDERS - from which order to enable the order overlap function;
  • OVERLAP_PIPS - minimum profit in pips to close unprofitable orders;
  • STOPLOSS, TAKEPROFIT - stop loss and take profit in pips, if = -1 is not used;
  • BREAKEVEN_STEP, BREAKEVEN_STOP - Level and step to breakeven, if = -1 not used
  • TRAILING_STOP, TRAILING_STEP - trailing stop level and step, if = -1 is not used;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER and ORDERS_COMMENT: Magic order number, comment
  • START_TIME and END_TIME are the times at which orders can be opened. if = "00:00", then it is not used;
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