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Jack of all Trades MT5 trades on strong market movements. It is a fully automated Expert Advisor optimized for multicurrency trading on EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY. The robot can be run at any time, however M10 is the default base. The Expert Advisor uses MACD(7,21,4), MOMENTUM(11) and the last 10 candlesticks on M10 to generate signals. Trades are also opened on the basis of M10 timeframe, regardless of the timeframe, on which the Expert Advisor is tested. The Expert Advisor also uses news to generate signals.
Important: Although indicator signals are effective, news-based signals require less than 30ms ping. For best results we recommend using cloud servers.

Applying Jack of all Trades MT5​

  • inp1_VolumeRisk - Buy Percentage is the amount of risk associated with buy trades. It's % from the account balance. Limitations to 2.5%
  • inp1_VolumeUpperLimit - maximum lot for Buy trades. By default, it is 10 lots.
  • inp2_VolumeRisk - The amount of risk associated with the sell transactions in %. Defaults is 2.5%.
  • inp2_VolumeUpperLimit - maximum lot for the Sell deals. Ten lots is the default.
  • inp3_maxSpread - maximum spread for opening transactions. If the spread is above the specified value, the Expert Advisor does not trade. The default value is 5 pips. Note: The value is specified in standard pips. Expert Advisor can be used to calculate four- and five-digit values. However, it always works in the fourth decimal position 1.138 4. The Expert Advisor can be used as a five-digit spread filter using decimal fractions. Example: (2.5) 1.13845.
Good luck and profitable trades everyone!
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