Impro Martin forex hedge strategy

Impro Martin forex hedge strategy 1.0

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Impro Martin is an advanced Expert Advisor based on the martingale strategy. It does not use a specific entry signal and instead uses random entries. The state of each order determines how many orders it will work on. It has undergone a careful optimization of risk management and lot size to reduce trade risk. It also has a trailing stop (profit taken is protected from loss, which helps keep profits growing) and a fixed stop loss (stop level for each order).

Useful Recommendations​

  • Advisor works well with cross-currency pairs such as AUDCHF or AUDNZD. The value of StepDist to set is different for different pairs. For EURUSD, GBPUSD would use a higher stepDist value, as this is related to the point's size. If there's a strong, clear market trend it might be hard for Expert Advisor to function. This situation leaves you with two choices: stop the Expert Advisor from working or adjust the TrailStart or TrailStep values.
  • Although the EA can work independently, it is recommended to monitor its work. You should periodically check the results, maybe once every 3 days is enough.


  • StepDist is the distance between the current and pending prices.
  • FirstLot is the size of your first lot. (Pending order = 0).
  • IncLot - increasing lot (pending order position > 0).
  • TrailStart - start of trailing (profit>0, if TralStart TralStep>0, TralStart means profit points).
  • TrailStep - trailing step in pips.
  • StopLoss_ - trailing stop in pips.
  • SL - fixed stop loss.
  • Deviation_ - maximum price deviation in pips.
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