ICB Insured Currency Basket Free Arbitrage EA

ICB Insured Currency Basket Free Arbitrage EA 2.13

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This Expert Advisor trades with instruments that have high correlation and it hedges every trade at the expense a different instrument.
The insurance principle is that with one instrument we buy, and with the opposite instrument we sell. Since the pairs with positive correlation always follow the same direction, the Expert Advisor cannot make large losses in total. The Expert Advisor can trade without the need for a stop loss. The Expert Advisor calculates lots on the basis of the value of the tick and the current balance. So that one currency pair (currency pair), can be compensated for another ...., this is called the Expert Advisor.

EURJPY-CHFJPY - correlation 89-100%
Correlation 95% between CADJPY and AUDJPY
EURJPY-CADJPY - correlation 87-94%
EURJPY/AUDJPY: Correlation 80-92%
I chose these pairs using the script, which determined the correlation at a given time period (BEST CORRELATION). You can also use the script CORR...
The Expert Advisor sells (sell) on the highest instrument and simultaneously buys (buy) on the lowest one. This provides an insurance policy against any currency movements. The main thing is to select the instruments in such a way that they correlate well with each other. It can be checked by the nature of currency movements, they almost repeat each other's movements! When the profit exceeds a certain percentage of your deposit, trades will be closed. All parameters are set as a percentage of the deposit!


You must also specify the trading instruments and the profit margin in your EA parameters.
Alance LOT The lot is determined by the amount of your balance. A lot is larger if the percentage is higher. In order to calculate the tick value, different lot values may be possible for instruments with similar percentages.
Profit Close- The percentage of the balance that we use to close transactions. For example, in our case the balance is 120 usd and at the specified percentage value of 0.1% we get 0.12 Usd - at this profit trades will be closed.
Correlation Filter
We understand that correlations cannot be constant, so as an insurance against false entries, we can use the correlation filter, which will not let us open positions if the instrument correlation is less than desired
Filter Correlation: We set the threshold below which transactions are not opened.
- TF - timeframe of correlation calculation
- The number of candles on which the correlation is determined by bars correlation
If the filter is enabled, the Expert Advisor shows the correlation value for the selected pairs
Stop the Expert Advisor by pressing the "Trade Enabled" or by setting the time limit in the parameters:
TimeStart=0 Advisor start time
- TimeEnd = 24; advisor end time
If the button is pressed it becomes red. But the advisor does not drop the open trades. They will be closed and not be able to open any new trades. The same applies to trade that is currently prohibited.
You can trade to close any or all of your positions by pressing the buttons.
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