GRV Grid MT5 hedging forex expert advisor

GRV Grid MT5 hedging forex expert advisor 1.1

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The GRV Grid Advisor is an ordinary grid trader, which trades in both directions. The peculiarity of this gridiron is that subsequent orders in the grid are opened not only upon reaching the set step, but also on the basis of the signal, which allows not to accumulate a multitude of orders that can very quickly drain the entire deposit. The signals of the MA indicator or the trend filter are used by the Expert Advisor to make decisions. Expert Advisor trades nearly non-stop. Expert Advisor trades almost non-stop, i.e. there are always open orders. Therefore continuous Internet access is essential for stable operation.
Trading can be done with any currency pair. For high-volatility pairs, a minimum deposit of $1,000 is required ($5,000 to allow for nerveless trading). For low-volatility pairs, you can start with $100, but you better start with a cent account. M1 timeframe.
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- order lot (if parameter LarryWilliamsMethod = true,
LarryWilliamsMethod Use money management methods (if parameter LarryWilliamsMethod is true)
the value of parameter Lots is ignored)
Lwrisk - percentage of risk, recommended from 5% to 20%
** Lwpart - the part of deposit for which lot will be calculated
* maxStartLots - maximum allowed lot of the first order of the series
** maxLots - maximum allowed lot of the order
* maxOrders - maximum number of orders in a series
*** TakeProfit - take profit in pips
Multiplier- martingale multiplier
Step - step of the next order
** MultiplierStep - multiplier of Step
Slippage- slippage
Spread - spread,
** - The magic number
* Comments - The comment to orders
**StartHour - start time
** EndHour - End time
Period_MA - period of MA indicator
>MA_Method - method for MA indicator
* The trend strength filter is based on the MA indicator .
** Trend_force_low - the lower limit for trend strength determination
* Trend_force_up - upper limit of trend strength determination (depends on parameters
Volume_Filter_Method - Method for MA Indicator (only for filter)
Period_MA_Trend - the period of trend moving average only for this filter
MA_Volume_Filter (considered at all timeframes)
** - Shift_MA a shift in the trend's moving average, but only for MA_Volume_Filter
(taken into account at all timeframes)
** Enable_Save_Deposit - if this parameter = true and parameters
Drawdown_In_The_Currency and Drawdown_In_The_Percent are equal to zero, protective logic is activated
(if the signal is received opposite the first order, If one of the parameters Drawdown_In_The_Currency or
Drawdown_In_The_Percent is not equal to zero, the priority is given to the parameter, the value of which is not equal to zero.
Drawdown_In_The_Percent - locks losses at drawdown in percentage of deposit.
** Drawdown_In_The_Currency - locks losses at drawdown in units of currency from
DepositProfitStop - the amount you are aiming for
DepositLoss - The amount that you don't want to lose
StopTrading - True, the Expert Advisor stops when the values are met.
Drawdown_In_The_Percent or Drawdown_In_The_Currency
* EveryDayCloseOrders - closes orders every day at the specified time
(CloseHour - hour, CloseMinute - minutes)
* FridayTradeOff - true stops trading on Friday, false all parameters in
FridayOff will become inactive
*** HourEndFriday - the time to stop trading on Friday
** CloseAllOrdersInFriday- if true and FridayTradeOff = true, then all open orders will close at the
If FridayTradeOff is false, set Friday Time = Friday
Then, a new set of orders won't open
MondayTradeOn trading will begin on Monday at the time specified
(HourStartMonday is the time to start trading on Monday)
The point values can be set up for four digits. The Expert Advisor automatically activates if you have five digits.
All values must be translated
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