Good Luck Scalper EA forex breakout strategy ea

Good Luck Scalper EA forex breakout strategy ea 1.5

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What is the working principle of this robot?

Fibonacci Extensions of world-famous mathematician Fibonacci serve as reference points for transactions. The Expert Advisor detects price movements between Fibonacci levels and executes trades based on the strategy of pulling back from resistance levels.

Smart management with 3 orders

Instead of making a large trade, the Expert Advisor divides it into 3 parts. Each order is executed separately. This increases the profit margin of the robot trading. At the same time the trade drawdown is significantly reduced.

Safety is the most important!

We have taken care of protection of trader's capital! The robot does not use any dangerous money management techniques and every trade is protected from large losses by a Stop Loss Order.

Professional software is created that doesn't have bugs or crashes. It's pure software algorithm that works to your advantage! Our products have been stress-tested and tested on the actual market!

The Expert Advisor monitors the dynamic of the quotes movement and offers deals at specific Fibonacci levels. Fibonacci levels can be used to analyze the price charts. An Expert Advisor can predict the direction of price movements with a 90% accuracy. This allows you to scalp the price movements with precision, even if the Fibonacci levels are reverted.
  • Working symbol EURUSD
  • Working Timeframe: M5
  • Min deposit: $100

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