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The SM_GOLEM EA is designed for accounts with an initial deposit of 100 units or more. On cent accounts it is desirable to use 3000 units. This is the Expert Advisor's algorithm: enter the trade in the middle of the bars with an increasing ROC oscillator signal and exit the market at its end when it reaches the bottom line. The Expert Advisor was optimized on the hour timeframe, because it was supposed to be used on regular accounts with a spread higher than 20. If the spread is below 10 or there is no spread at all, the optimization on smaller timeframes is possible. Any major can use the Expert Advisor. It is recommended to optimize every two weeks by setting the period from the date of optimization - a month ago and choosing OHLC on M1 for modeling. Tests should take place in the "Every tick based upon real ticks" mode. If you adhere to the simulation methods during optimization and testing, there are practically no differences between these data. Optimize regularly, as the market is constantly changing. Regular "training" will help you extend the lifespan of your deposit. It's up to you to decide what load to put on your deposit. So be very careful with the results of optimization and testing, because this is your strategy!
Please note that the lot that is set in the auto-trading settings is a % of the deposit, and the lot on the panel is a LOT. It is for the convenience of traders and faster calculations. You might have a drawdown in one direction with the total amount of all your positions. You can put 3 more in the reverse direction. It is easier to place the correct lot than calculate the percentage of the deposit.
Strategy Properties
Amount for a new position [%]
- The amount in % of the deposit.
The Maximum Position Amount [lot] – This is the maximum number of open positions [lot]
Add on amount [%] The deposit in percent.
The amount to be reduced [%] -- Amount to be reduced
Stop Loss [point] - Stop Loss in points
Take Profit [point] -- Take Profit in Pips
Indicator parameters - Indicator parameters
First ROC period
- The period of the ROC oscillator. ROC oscillator period
Second ROC Period – Time period for the ROC indicator
Smoothing period - Smoothing period
Level - Level
Expert settings - Expert settings
Stop trading at min account
- If the account balance falls below this value, The Expert Advisor will close all the positions and stop the automatic trading. The value must be specified in the account currency. Example: Protection_Min_Account = 700 - The Expert Advisor closes positions if the account balance falls below $700 (EUR if your account is in EUR).
Ensure Maximum Loss Prevention [point] - If the SL/SL value is not lower than that chosen value (or higher for shorts), the Expert Advisor sets the SL at a specified value. The value is specified in points. Example: Protection_Max_StopLoss = 200 means 200 pips for a 4-digit broker and 20 pips for a 5-digit broker.
Bar closing advance [sec] - How many seconds before the expected bar closing event would occur.
Write a log file - The EA writes a log file when Write_Log_File = true.
Custom order comment - Custom comment. This can be used for setting expiration dates on binary options.
Separate SL and TP orders - Must be set to true for STP brokers who cannot set SL and TP along with a position. The Expert Advisor will open a position first and set StopLoss, TakeProfit, and Separate SL TP if true.
Max Log Lines in File - When the log file reaches the set number of lines, the Expert Advisor starts a new log file.
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