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Gold Trading Scalping MT5 algo trading news 1.0

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Expert Advisors can make a profit of 500$-100,000. This is depending on the market.
The EA Works
The span >(-) EA automatically scans for resistance and support levels created by price action.
If you are found, we will issue an Order by assigning TP and/or SL to you.
- no matingle - not double the wood
- Use the method of calculating lots as % risk of funds in the portfolio.
- is a TF that can be used to run an EA.
- Able run against the news
TP_Point : Set to the number of points.
SP_Point: Adjust the number of points.
risk_percent : This is a risk determination. Set it as a number of numbers, for example 1% to chase the number 1.
Time : Enter the number 15 (if playing any time frame, put that time frame EX. Trade m15 put 15)
Trailling_Stop_PointStart : The number of points that Trailling_Stop will start counting. Trailling_Stop_Point : Number of Stoploss scrolls.

Enjoy trading and life.
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