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DS Robot forex news alerts 1.1

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Hello! My name is Daniel and I started developing a robot that followa the trends during the opening of the markets: NYSE, LSE etc.
Market trends are determined in the first minute.

Version: 1.1
At the moment it is only applicable on EUR/USDpair.

DS - Robot v1 is very simple to use:
Fixed_volume: You can specify whether the volume of transactions should be dependent on your account resources.
Volume - if Fixed_volume = true -> the transaction volume will always be constant
if Fixed_volume = false -> the specified transaction volume will be used for every $ 1000 available in the account (eg: if you have 3000$ and specify volume 0.1, robot will trade with 0.3)
UTC_dif - If you want to test robot specify server Time (The robot opens transactions at fixed hours and historical data cannot take GMT time).

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If you have any suggestions please contact me: [email protected],
Whatsapp> +40741405283
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