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Dream Catcher trending forex expert advisor 6.1

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The Expert Adviser uses the cross-over of moving averages. To execute market orders, the user has the option to use up to 10 different moving averages that cross each other. The selected number of moving averages to crossover each other for opening trades and their individual configurations are independent of the selected number of moving averages to crossover each other for closing trades and their individual configurations.
The user can also choose to configure up to 5 moving averages that filter out the execution of market orders based on their slope/gradient (causes the expert advisor to ignore opening and/or closing a trade from crossover signals if the slope of one of these 5 moving averages is within a set range specified for each moving average) Each slope filtering moving average and its slope range in which trades are ignored is configured differently and is independent of the rest of the moving average slope filters.
The slope for each moving average is calculated as the change in the value of the moving average in relation to price (y-axis) over user specified time in minutes (x-axis).
The following settings are possible for each moving average:
  • Period
  • shift
  • The Method
  • Apply to
You can also use the ADX indicator for filtering out trades in consolidation. One could, for example, set the EA not to take into account all orders placed by market participants from moving average crossovers, if that percentage is less than a specified percentage (say 25%).
For the ADX, you can set these settings:
  • Period
  • Filter for ADX line percentage (0-100).

Under the management inputs, the following can be configured.
  • Trailing Stop, which can be set as a moving average or fixed point step trailing stop
  • Stop loss
  • Profit
  • Lot Size
The Filling Mode for executing orders can also be changed to ensure that this expert adviser works with all brokers that support MetaTrader 5
The Time filter allows you to set the times at which the trading signals from moving averages are executed and ignored.
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