Doji Hunter EA trending forex algo strategy

Doji Hunter EA trending forex algo strategy 1.3

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Doji Hunter EA is a candlestick reader reversal expert advisor that recognizes candlestick pattern DOJI, either for long or short trades. You can configure Stochastic Oscillator and Bollinger Bands to be used as trade-in filters. So, it's possible to trade only dojis that are created under determined region of bands or a limit value of stochastic. You can either set up Takeprofit or Stoploss as fixed trades, or use Bollinger Bands and Stochastic to determine the best way. An trail system that is based upon Bollinger Bands may be created.
- Stochastic Oscillator.
- Bollinger Bands.
- Based on Balance Volume
Smart Candlestick Recognition and Detection System
- Fully automated trading.
Fixed Takeprofit, Stoploss, and/or Trade Out.
- Productsive trade in filters.
- Operate according reversal trend prices.
- Stoploss operation mode, NO Martingales.
- Robot: Doji Hunter 1.01 - (Name of your robot - expert advisor)
- 13 is the magic number for specifying orders
- The basic lot size is 0.1. - Each order's lot size.
- Symbol Digits: 5. (Number Of Digits For Each Symbol Ex: EURUSD – 5)
Maximum Volume (Symbol - 0, if backtested and automatic), 500
- Maximum spread to open orders: 15 (Maximum spread)
- Maximum number of opened orders: 5 (Maximum number of simultaneous orders)
- Maximum Doji Body Size (Points): 1. - (Size for short trades in points)
- Takeprofit (points): 1400
- Stoploss Points: 700
- Trail enable (Bollinger bands): true
- Trail Stoploss multiplier (x Bollinger Bands): 1.00
Stochastic timeframe:
- Stochastic smooth: 3
- Stochastic%K:14
- Stochastic %D: 3
- Enable Stochastic in filter: true (Enable trade in with Stochastic)
- Stochastic long in filter limit: 25 (Stochastic down trade in limit for long orders)
- Stochastic down trade limit limit 70 for short orders
False - Allow Stochastic to trade out
Stochastic long trading out: 80 (Stochastic high trade limit for long orders).
- Stochastic short trade out: 20(Stochastic down trade out limit for short orders)
Bollinger Band Timeframe: M30
- Bollinger band period: 20
- Bollinger band shift: 0
- Bollinger band standard deviation: 2.00
Bollinger Filter in: True (Enable Bollinger Bands trade in filter)
- Enable Bollinger trade out: false (Enable trade out with Bollinger Bands)
- Doji candlestick volume bigger than previous: false (Enable OBV - Doji volume bigger than previous one)
Recommended symbol: EURUSD.
Recommended timeframe: M15, M5.
Default optimization for EURUSD (M15).
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