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CubicMedia Fibo EA best trending forex ea 1.2

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Cubic Media Fibo EA, an expert advisor uses three moving averages to provide entry signals for either short or long trades. Stochastic Oscillator and On Balance Volume OBV can be configured as a filter for entry signals. Besides, takeprofit and stoploss can be configured as fixed or Fibonacci. Trade out can also be done using Bollinger and stochastic bands.
- Moving average 1.
Average moving average
Average moving average
- Stochastic Oscillator.
- Bollinger Bands.
Balance Volume
- Fully automated trading.
Fixed takeprofit, stoploss, or Fibonacci calculation.
- Smart Stochastic or Bollinger trade out.
- NO Martingales.
It is easy to set up, run and test.
Robot: Cubic Media Fibo EA 1.00. (Name of the robot - expert adviser)
- Magic number: 4309 - (Magic number to specify orders)
- Basic lot size: 0.1 - (Lot size of each order)
- Symbol digits: 5 (Number of digits of each symbol, ex: EURUSD - 5)
- Maximum volume (Symbol - 0 if automatic and not backtest): 500 (Copy maximum volume per symbol or 0 to automatic)
Maximum Spread to Open Orders: 15. (Maximum Spread)
- Moving average 01: 11 (Moving average 01 period)
- Exponential moving average 01: true
(Moving Average 02:3) (Moving Average 02 Period)
- Exponential moving average 02: true
– Moving average 03:76 (Moving Average 03 Period)
- Exponential moving average 03: true
- Stochastic period: 18 (Stochastic period)
– Stochastic: %K 5 (Stochastic%K)
Stochastic%D: 3 (Stochastic%D)
Stochastic filter-trade in enable false (Enable Stochastic Entry Signal Filter)
- Stochastic down limit to in (long): 20 (Stochastic down limit for entry signal)
Stochastic up limit in to in: Short version 80. (Stochastic higher limit for entry signal).
Stochastic filter (trade out enable if true): true
Stochastic up limit out: 57 (Stochastic higher limit out for trade)
Stochastic down limit out: 65 (Stochastic higher limit out for trade)
- Fixed TP and SL enable (if false, Fibonacci): false (Enable fixed Takeprofit and Stoploss)
Takeprofit (points),: 500 (Takeprofit).
Stoploss (points),: 500 (Stoploss).
Fibo periods for analysis: 469 (Number previous candlesticks to Fibo analyses)
- Takeprofit (Fibo percent): 0.19 (Takeprofit percent)
- Stoploss (Fibo percent): 0.73 (Stoploss percent)
Bollinger band trade-out enable (if true priority on fixed TTP and SL) false (Enable Bollinger bands trade out).
- Bollinger band period: 21 (Bollinger band period)
- Bollinger band shift: 0 (Bollinger band shift)
- Bollinger band standard deviation: 2.0 (Bollinger band standard deviation)
– OBV Enable : true (Enable OBV Trade in Filter)
- Growth volume on crossing:: true (Enable bigger volume on crossing)
Recommended symbol: EURUSD.
Recommended timeframe: H1, M15.
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