COSMOS4U AdMACD EA MT5 trendy forex

COSMOS4U AdMACD EA MT5 trendy forex 2.30

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COSMOS4U transforms MACD into an efficient trading system by using the best parameters. Professional users can customize the system through a variety of input parameters to achieve optimal performance. In addition to the classic MACD fast, slow and signal line parameters, it also offers the ability to set a take profit and stop loss. COSMOS4U's research division publishes weekly new parameters for currency pairs in the Forex market. These parameters are calculated as part of scientific research. They do not guarantee permanent profit. These parameters can be used to update MetaTrader 5's AdMACD parameters. You can download the application for free.
  • Full risk control
  • Manage collateral funds
  • Based on ATR symbol change, stop loss
  • Support for multi-market operation
  • Support for all timeframes
  • Close positions on weekend
  • Optimal settings from COSMOS4U
StopStop Loss
Every time a position is opened on a symbol, the EA checks for x (the default is 12) values to determine the volatility. Based on this volatility, the boundaries of the new zones for Stop Loss Long and Stop Loss Short are formed. This zone has a variable width, since the ATR changes over time. The zone also follows price as it moves in the direction of profit. When price crosses the stop loss line, the open position is closed. A new position will only be opened when the value of the symbol moves out of the volatility zone.
Closed positions for the weekend
Prevent large confusions and gaps between the closing price on Friday and the opening price on Monday, when governments, central banks and company executives announce important decisions over the weekend. COSMOS4U AdMACD supports the regulation of automatic closing of open positions at a certain time before the market closes. On Mondays, the positions can be opened within a few hours of closing.
Management of capital
With AdMACD's built-in automated trading system, you can control the percentage of your total investment capital by setting a certain percentage of investment per symbol. Consequently, the investment percentage per symbol can be diversified. The investment percentage control feature along with diversification of your portfolio protects your investments from market risk.
description of parameters
  • Fast Moving Average Period: period of the fast moving average
  • Slow Moving Average Period: period of the slow moving average
  • Signal Moving Average Period: period of signal moving average
  • Position Close by -x*ATR (N) Price StopLoss : Use stop loss levels that are calculated using the ATR indicator
  • N-Prices for ATR Calculation: Period of ATR indicator
  • ATR Multiplier is a multiplier that determines the size of the stop-loss zone
  • Time Interval: time frame for MACD and ATR calculation
  • Daily Volatility(%): percentage of account funds to be used by the advisor to trade
  • Daily Volatility Capital Risk(%): percentage of the above amount to be used by the advisor in a single trade
  • Margin level threshold (%) is the minimal amount of funds that an advisor can trade with.
  • Enable Weekend Close Position: close positions before the weekend
  • Trading hours on Monday: Trades will open on Monday within the timeframe specified.
  • Hours before Friday's market close Positions will be closed on Friday for the given number of hours prior to weekend markets closing
  • Filling Policy by AdMACD system: Automatically select order execution policy
  • Selection Policy: Choose order execution policy
  • Enable Debugging messages: Output log messages with detailed information about the reason for opening/closing positions
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