CatBoost neural network forex trading

CatBoost neural network forex trading 2.1

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This multi-currency Expert Advisor uses 28 currency pairs and two H1 and H2 timeframes to trade. The Expert Advisor relies on models that are trained using the CatBoost machine-learning algorithm to predict.
The CatBoost algorithm, which is one of today's most powerful in machine learning, performs better than neural network for market price movements prediction tasks.
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The robot also uses grid trading by default, you can easily disable it by setting GridOff = true
It is possible to choose between which currencies you wish to trade, and which time intervals, active, H1 or H2 parameters.
To install the robot simply place it on any chart. The other currency pair windows will then open automatically.
In order to test the robot, the following instruction:
  • Before testing in the Strategy Tester or before installing the advisor on the chart, if you want to accelerate the process of testing, set the advisor ShowTradePanel to false
  • Set the Trading Mode "Open Prices Only" in the Strategy Tester. This will not impact the testing results, but can significantly speed up the process.
  • You can also disable the visualization of the Strategy Tester for the speed of testing
  • You can see the individual profitability and maximum drawdown for each pair in the Journal tab at the end of the testing
A description of EA settings
  • UseSameLotSizeForAllPairs - the possibility of choosing the lot size for each pair separately, the default value is true, i.e. one lot value for all currency pairs
  • UseMaxTakeProfitProcent - includes the global take profit as a percentage of the current profit specified in the parameter MaxAllTakeProfitProcent, after its execution all current orders are closed
  • UseMaxStopLossProcent - includes the global stop loss as a percentage of the current profit specified in the parameter MaxAllStopLossProcent, after its execution all current orders are closed.
  • IsDynamicLot - enable automatic generation of lot size depending on the balance or free margin
  • Koef is the coefficient for lot size. The more
  • to lot size based on the balance or free margin
  • CountOfGrid: Number of orders that are pending in grid
  • GridDistanseBegin - start of the first pending order in the grid from the current price
  • GridDistanseEnd: End of last order that is still pending in grid starting at the current price
  • GridKoefBegin and GridKoefEnd: Distribution of coefficients to multiply the price for the pending order within the grid
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