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Capital Cents​

Trade like a professional at ease with Capital Cents Pro:plug and Pay! Automated Trade Entry and Exists, combined with powerful risk/profit management algorithms.
Nothing complicated, just straight forward EA to help you choose the best trades from the bad one and afford you a better chance of being in the winning team.
Capital Cents Pro features Strong Tradingstrategies in a Clear Code . This will help you get on the path to actually making profit trading, and breaking the vicious cycle of just barely making even profits. It Places market orders and Pending stop orders simultaneous to counteract the effect of "false" signals in trading. Capital Cents can help you reduce your losses and maximize your profits. This EA which is built for the MT5 platform supports User Input of Stop Loss Points, Take Profit, Keep Profit, Alerts,Notifications, & Emails. Users can set their stop losses depending on appetite for loss or profit. Our algorithm detects false breakouts and protects you against huge losses.
Risk Management
Capital Cents can help you reduce your losses. This EA supports User Input of StopLoss Points. Users can set their stop losses depending on appetite for loss or profit. Our algorithm for detecting false breakouts has been perfected and we will keep improving. This protects you against huge losses.

Reward Management

Capital Cents allows you to make your profits go. You can set your own take profit with the Take Profit input easily.

By closing out positions once position profit exceeds a certain amount, the EA makes sure that your profits are kept safe. All profit positions thereafter are closed.


Automated buying and selling of currency. Before using the real money, please test the product in conjunction with securities.


This is ideal for the 30 minute TimeFrame and one-hour timeframe.

User input:
  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • Lot Size
  • Keep Profit
  • ModiOffset
  • OrderValidity
  • EnableNotifications
  • AlertIntervalSeconds
  • J-Curve

How it works

After you've loaded Capital Cents Checks, look out for possible breakouts in trades- long or short.

It executes any opportunity that arises from its seven strategies. If the trend is against it, the order places a stop-order of the opposing type.
On every trade, it sets an automatic Stop-Loss and take profit point for the open symbol.

You can activate the J-Curve option to instruct your ROBOT trade aggressively in order to make more profit. This mode works well in less volatile or trending markets.

Manual Position management (For exiting trades only)

Capital Cents won't need you to help them most of the times, but if time is a concern, you may be able to manually manage the trades alongside the EA. For best results, this is recommended. You can easily use simple indicators to help you determine where to exit trades and increase profits.

Indicators Used:
  • Moving averages
  • CCI
  • MFI
  • MACD, and many more
Further tests on the EA:
The best risk to reward ratio is 2.2%DD or 13%PF.
Optimizing Results: The EA makes either a loss or breaks even in 5 of 7 market symbol symbols. The USDJPY currency pair is where it has the best results. It was coded while optimizing! This is a strong confirmation that results can not be random, but are a result of a mix of strategies targeted at the pair. These strategies happen to have 50/50+ truth about the market behavior during the chosen period. The EURUSD also offers a substantial profit. These two pairs are among the most popular Forex pairs. It is therefore ideal to trade on a high volume market with this EA and that makes sense because of the way its meant to work - Its a scalping EA (If you set to take your profits off the table every so often.) Because of our good results with this pair, it is a great idea to trade USDJPY in light of market changes that may render the results unjustifiable.
(Results for july-2018-Feb-2019) !! !Do your tests to compare before use.
As the results continue to stream in, we will keep you updated.
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