Bober Crypto MT5 Free arbitrage ea

Bober Crypto MT5 Free arbitrage ea 3.2

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You can trade cryptocurrency on , the Binance or OKX Exchanges! Hurry to get it! A limited number of copies will be sold out.
Hello guys! I hope you are doing well.
I will show you a new trading robot, which is quite different from all the other products. The main feature Bober Crypto MT5 is the ability to trade with Futures Binance Futures and OKX.
This product uses a "static arbitrage" strategy, which has many advantages from which we are going to profit. You can trade all the coins available in the "Futures" section, such as BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, LTCUSDT, etc.
The best results were achieved with correlated coins, which you can find by running optimization in the mt5 tester. You can optimize for 3-6 months, then do a forward test and see if the trading is profitable beyond that optimization period. It is actually quite easy to find many coin pairs suitable for profitable long-term trading.

Proper features of the robot:
  • No dangerous strategies are implemented. Only one trade at a time.
  • Works with all USDT coins. BTCUSDT ETHUSDT etc.
  • No night scalper. Worked 7 days per week, 24 hours a daily. Trades are unstoppable
  • No need for low latency connection. This isn't HFT.
  • Compatible with one of the largest crypto brokers Binance, OKH.
  • Forwards profitable results on tester history and real account.
  • Free live sets available to clients. There is no need to waste time optimizing.
  • You can customize and then forget. Fully automatic.
  • Personal support for each customer.

The robot's requirements:
  • You will need to open a A Binance/OKX Futures Account.
  • API keys. Must be taken from Binance personal account.
  • Windows vps required.

Bober Crypto MT5 settings:
  • Exchange Binance/OKX
  • OKXpassphrase This phrase should be obtained from your OKX personal account.
  • Ordertype - Limit/Market.
  • Mode - Live or Optimize / Load All Coins.
The mode of Optimization or Live means the inputs "First Coin" and "Second coin" are being used when the robot is applying to an optimization or live account.
Coins downloading - if you want to download certain coins that you must place in *Coins*.
All Coins Download. This is the method of downloading all Coins provided by Binance Futures.
  • Coins - BTC, ETH. Set Coins downloading mode to download certain coins. Each coin should be seperated by a comma.
  • First Coin first usdt coin.
  • Second Coin - second usdt coin.
  • Trade logic type - Logictype
  • SplitStep - step between records.
  • MaxDD - robot closes all positions at achieving a certain dd.
  • The range is the period for which an indicator can be used.
  • APIKey = "". APIkey and APISecret must be copied and pasted here after you get them from the Binance Futures toolbar to connect to a real account.
  • APISecret = "".
  • Many - Volume of every position
  • LotsIsPercent: If true, please fill out the "Lots” field between 10 to 120. The recommended value is 20 average risk.
  • Magic is the unrivalled number of possible positions.
  • TimeFilter is a time filter that shows the true or false range of times.
  • StartHour- 0
  • Startminute - 0
  • EndHour- 0
  • Endminute -- 0

The user guide is highly recommended.
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How to load Binace futures data into MT5 manually?
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