BluePrint currency hedging example

BluePrint currency hedging example 1.0

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TimeFrame: M5 or above.
BluePrint is an Expert Advisor based on Price Action and Martingale.

+---------------------------------- BLUEPRINT | EA Settings ----------------------------------+
  • Magic number: ID to be modified if you wish to install Expert Advisor for different graphics. They can be used independently and behave like one Expert Advisor.
  • Max Spread By Tick Size: The maximum Spread difference that you want to trade.

  • Lots Mode: You can choose between Fixed or Automatic.
  • Fixed Lot Size If Lots Mode has been set to Fixed, then you have the option of putting the maximum lot size you want the EA to open for ever.

  • Auto Lot Risk Percent: if Lots Mode is set on Automatic, you can set the percentage of the balance that you accept to expose. Take the following formula into consideration before changing this number:
    • Automatic Lot Size = ((Free Balance of Account * AutoLotRiskPercent) / 100);

  • TimingFrame: M5 and above.

  • VPS recommended.

  • Hedging Account recommended
  • High leverageaccount should be recommended.

  • Deposit: 10.000 or above. It is a good idea to start a Cent Account.
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