BlackEuro forex robot trader

BlackEuro forex robot trader 2.17

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Blackeuro is a trend trading EA, Self-learn, Fully Automated and Risk management methods for Identifying inefficiency in the Market​

Only 1 copy out of 7 are Left at not for sale promotion deal is done Now It is supported for 8 currencies and more adding
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Account monitor:
I can assist you with the detailed instructions after purchasing an EA. Please PM me.
I am ready to help each buyer install and configure the advisor.
I will teach you how to use EAs if you've never used them before.
Backtesting is not reliable in MT5 for this EA, it has parameter that needs to change trading behavior according to study your own account!

The system uses long term and highly optimized results to implement and build future trading model. The system also uses neural parameters to adjust different market stimuli, so there is no need to worry about sudden drops in a certain instrument. There are many indicators and mathmatics models built in. Even the most recent research from commodity-related papers is included. It is more than a single EA, but a robustic system.
  • DEFAULT Settings Optimized for EURUSD
  • The Main Currency Pairs: EURUSD backtesting with 10 years sharp ratio is more 7 very high winning rate!! !
  • It's FIFO compliant, which is great for US traders!
  • Many protections of the capital, including trailing stop and hard stop, level stop, maximum duration, open-time, news control, probabilities controls.
  • We use price with spreads, which significantly increases the chance of profitable slippage
  • Grid and Martingale are not used. We only use them once in very complex stituations. No worries!
  • Every trade comes with a Fixed StopLoss. This is not visible to users or brokers
  • All trades are protected from slippage from a large spread
  • We do not use protection from News because news is a part of profits
  • The system has a built-in mode of self-diagnosis so you can use for any broker
  • Spreads don't matter in a scalper system.
  • Please remember risk management is number one thing in the FOREX market and this EA is an excellent risk managed product


  • Any account!
  • The EA requires broker conditions: Low Slippage during Rollover.
  • The adviser should work on the VPS 24/7, Write to me personally for Advice


- There are two modes available: Conservative and aggressive modes (personal or for hedge funds).
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