BigPIPs MT5 fundamental news trading

BigPIPs MT5 fundamental news trading 1.4

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BigPIPS EA is an Expert Advisor based on special mathematical analysis and smart modeling of market and signals independent of timeframe. EA's powerful calculation engine can accurately predict the market movements by more than 1000 points (10000). EA Signal Engine does not require optimization. There are no setting for signal. All settings of EA are for Money Management.
The EA works with a low margin level and thus has low risk.
All Forex Pairs, Cryptos and Stocks can be traded by the EA.


It is easy to use the EA without any complicated input parameters.

These are main parameters must be set :

  • General Options
  • Trade Type : Long/Short/Both/No-Hedge
  • Don't Open New: If true, EA won't create a new job. You can only manage an already open position.
  • Minimum Distance to Open New Position : Distance to ignore new signals if older positions exist.
  • Maximum Spread To Open Position: Spread to Stop Trading
  • Magic Number : Any constant ID.
  • Show Panel On Chart : Shows report of positions on chart with the option of manual closing them.
  • Closing Positions
  • Take Profit: TakeProfit In Points
  • Action for in-Loss Positions : Averaging-Add,Averaging-Multiply, StopLoss, WaitforTP
  • Stop Loss - StopLoss In Points Only act if the StopLoss option selected above.
  • Average Distance: Use this distance in points to add an average position. If the Averaging option is selected, it will only act.
  • Averaging Volume Multiplier : Volume multiplier if averaging selecting above.
  • Averaging Volume Add : Volume adding if averaging selecting above.
  • Averaging Maximum Volume Per Trade
  • Averaging Maximum Number of Trades
  • Setting Volume
  • Volume Calculation Method : Fixed, Dynamic Lots or Risk Percent based on Balance/Equity/Free Margin
  • Fi xed Lots: Volume of trading
  • Lots per 1000: Volume Per 1000 Balance/Equity/Free Margin
  • Risk Percentage
  • Maximum Volume Per Trade
  • Minimum Volume Per Trade
  • Trailing/Break Even
  • Trailing Stop Loss : Enable/Disable Trailing Stop
  • Trailing Start : Trailing Start Distance in Points.
  • Trailing Stop : Trailing Stop Loss Distance in Points.
  • Trailing step: To apply Trailing stop loss in points, distance
  • Break Even : Enable/Disable Break Even
  • Break Even after Loss Distance to Apply Break Even in Points
  • Time and Day Filters
  • You have the option to temporarily halt trading during specific hours and days
  • News Filter Inputs
  • Low Impact News: Block trading during low impact news
  • Minutes before/after low impact news
  • Block Trading During Medium Impact News
  • Minutes Before/After Medium Impact News
  • Block Trading During High Impact News
  • Minutes before/after High Impact News
  • Notifications
  • Options to send notifications on mobile terminals or show pop up alerts or send Telegram messages. (How to Setup Telegram Notifications)

* The default inputs for the 5digit account are all shown above. if your account is 4digit use 0.1x numbers.

Optimizing EA :

This EA doesn't need any optimization on Signal Producing Engine. Only optimization is required for the averaging/trailing end/break even

Important: Optimize EA over the past 6 months before you use it, then update optimization every other month.

Optimization of EA is so fast and easy. We recommend use these settings for Optimization :

Time Frame : No difference. EA signal does not depend on the timeframe.
Action for in-Loss Positions : Averaging-Multiply
Take Profit : 500 to 3000 step 500 (50 to 300 step 50 for 4digit accounts)
Averaging Distance : 1000 to 7000 step 1000 (100 to 700 step 100 for 4digit accounts)
Averaging Volume Multiplier : 1 to 5 step 0.5
Minimal Distance Required to Open New Position: 1000 to 5000 Step 1000 for 4digit accounts (100 to 500 Step 100 for 4-digit accounts).
Volume Calculation Method: Balance Dynamic Lots
Lot per 1000 balance : 0.005 to 0.1 step 0.01
Optimizing Custom Parameter is a good idea.

Recommendations and Using Conditions :
  • You can run EA on several charts and symbols. You can use different Magic Numbers for every chart.
  • To reduce risk, you can attach EA multiple charts.
  • Setup News Filter to enable News Filter

Contact us if you have any questions about the EA.
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