Bazava MT5 forex trend detector ea

Bazava MT5 forex trend detector ea 2.35

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Bazava is a fully automated trading system on NZDUSD M5 which uses its own price action Strategy to find the most secure entry points.
Trading takes place mainly during calm market periods because the advisor combines price action with volatility filtering.
You can reduce the maximum position holding time by using the parameter tradeDuration. See TradeDuration.

These are the features​

  • As a result High winning percent, there is a stable upside curve
  • Stress-tests that work on any history available
  • No spread
  • Automatic tuning for 4 and 5Brokers
  • Automated setup GMT
  • Minimum deposit $50
  • Compatible with FIFO
  • Easy setup and use
, grid or hedging. 1 signal = 1 trade.
Time frame: M5
Currency pair: NZDUSD
The Expert Advisor trades only once a day
, and if there is an open position, other signals will be ignored. If the Expert Advisor was used at different times and accounts, it is possible for the trade to be different.

If you have an EA running at the same time as my signal is open for trades, the robot may open another trade in your account. However, it will not open in mine signal account because my EA traded that trade today.
If you would like your first trade to look the same in my Signal account then I suggest setting it after 6pm GMT (provided there are no open positions in my Signal Account).

Real Signal:

Input parameters​

  • StartLotSize is a proportional lot size when EnableAutoLot has been set to true. Fixed lot sizes are available if EnableAutoLot has been set to false
  • EnableAutoLot - trade lot will increase with increasing balance of your account
  • FundsForAutoLot - set here, for which deposit you want to open trades with lot = StartLotSize, if EnableAutoLot is set to true. For example, FundsForAutoLot = 1000 and StartLotSize = 0.05 means that for every 1000 dollars a 0.05 lot (0.5 for 10000 dollars, etc.)
  • MaxLotSize: Set the maximum lot size to ensure that the lot is within the allowed limits.
  • SpreadFilterPips - if the spread is larger than the value specified here, the trade will not be opened
  • Maximum SlippagePips works only with Instant account (not ECN). Please indicate here the maximum slippage that you're willing to allow on your Instant accounts
GMT Settings
  • GMT/DST_Offset_Auto If true, Expert Advisor will attempt to determine the GMT offset for your broker. You should allow requests to https:/ /www.worldtimeserver. Remove the spaces!
  • GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual - set the time zone of your broker.
  • DaylightSavingTime_Manual - if your broker uses summer time, set true
Main Settings
  • EnableTrendFilter - set to true, if you want to avoid risky trades during periods of trend markets
  • OrderTakeProfitPips The Takeprofit Size in Pips (1 pip = 10pips).
  • OrderStopLossPips - size of Stop Loss in pips (1 pip = 10 pips)
  • EnableTradeDuration. Set to true to reduce the time for holding positions
  • TradeDuration -set the maximum time of a position in bars
  • BasicMagicNumber: Set a unique number that will track trades made by the EA. Nominal number must not exceed 99999
  • TradeComment - add any comments to your trades

Remember! Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability because of the unsteady nature of the market


  • If your broker is in a different timezone , we recommend that you use default values for every parameter ( exception: the GMT offset). Before you execute the EA in a live account, make sure to review all changes.
  • It is important to note that the MaxSlippagePips parameter and the SpreadFilterPips parameters can be execution dependent. This could cause trades not to occur that have been tested.

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