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The Expert Advisor simultaneously trades on 20 or more currency pairs. The principle of trading is the hedging (insuring trades). Thanks to this principle, the Expert Advisor does not have big drawdowns. Regulation of profitability is achieved by changing the lot. Minimum deposit required is 500 US Dollars with 0.01 Lot. In this case the expected profit will be 7-15% per month. The rest of the parameters can be left as is. Or, if you wish, set closing at a given value of total profit or at equity growth of the entire account.
The cross in the left side of the table - disabling the currency pair from trading. If you wish to stop the Advisor completely, then click all of the crosses and wait until the Advisor closes all open positions. From then on, no new trades will be opened. Clicking on the profit button will allow the advisor to offer you the option of closing the existing profit for the pair. In the right info box the advisor tells you what it does.
The advisor works on both MT5 and MT4, but unfortunately the MT4 version cannot be tested in the tester, and because of this it is not available in the Market, but you can get it for free after you purchase an MT5 advisor, please refer to my personal page after you receive it.

  • WindSize =1.2; This is the dimension of table cells to make them easier to see on the screen. You can set it larger if the text does not fit into the column.
  • Font size. 0- standard size 1 - 2 3 4...
  • AlertON - enable or disable alerts informing about the opening and closing positions. (
  • endMailInfo - to send a message to e-mail
  • Lot - volume of orders. For a deposit of less than 500 US Dollar, I would recommend that you put 0.01. For cent accounts and other currencies of deposits it is necessary to choose a lot. It can be done during optimization, or simply during testing.
  • K_Correlation_Open - the minimum correlation coefficient, at which the opening of positions is allowed. It should be between 0.7 and 0.9. It is not a good idea to place it at more than 1, as the correlation can't exceed 100%.
  • MinProfitClose is the minimum profit to close positions. If you are trading in large volumes, then put it 10-50 USD, so on the reverse delta positions are not closed in loss. When trading with 0.01 lots, it can be set it = 0.
  • QuityCloseProfit: closing equity% growth. Let's say it was 1%. The Expert Advisor will close and open positions. If equity increases by 1% all positions in the account will be closed.
  • SumProfitClose is the total profit from all positions that have been opened and closed. You can leave the sum at 0. The advisor for each pair performs its own calculation and closes individual pairs. This may prove useful when multiple trades are being opened simultaneously.
  • The Expert Advisor will immediately close any positions if they lose all their money. Indicates in the currency of the deposit (it is necessary to put a negative number, for example - 1000 USD)
  • ProfitClosePercent - rollback trailing profit in % If it is set to 0, then advisor immediately closes the position, on reaching the calculated profit. If you set, for example, 50%, the Expert Advisor will trawl the profit at the level of 50%, until on the rollback of this profit will not close the positions
  • MaxOrders is the most open position for any pair. (not all pairs together, but each pair) I recommend not to open more than 3.
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