AW Advanced Scalping EA MT5 arbitrage ea review

AW Advanced Scalping EA MT5 arbitrage ea review 1.0

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A fully automated advanced tool, trades on short-term market fluctuations, waiting for price reversals using custom oscillators. Automated lot calculation with built-in overlap recovery and adjustable step strategy.
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  • Automated system with the ability to add manual orders
  • Adjustable and fixed dynamic pitch
  • Algorithm for Adjustable Overlap Recovery
  • Ability to trade in one or both
  • Performs averaging when moving in the opposite direction
  • Automatic volume calculation
  • All types of notifications can be sent from the built-in system

Input parameters:

Dimensions of the initial order - This variable determines how large the first order is.
Enable Autolot calculation - This feature allows you to save risk settings when the deposit changes
Autolot deposit per 0.01 lots - The volume of deposit for every 0.01 of Autolot
Maximum order size - This is the maximum quantity per order. It's measured in lots
Take Profit - The size of the virtual Take Profit. Calculated for the current order group from the breakeven price, measured in pips
Overlap Recovery Algorithm: Use overlap to the first and last orders, closes certain positions quicker
Use Overlap Recovery Algorithm after number of orders - Use Overlap after the number of orders
Multiplier for order size - Every subsequent order within the EA's basket will be greater than the one before it.
Fixed Step - Variable, regulating the step between orders, Measured in pips
After a certain number of orders, Dynamic Step will be used to start - Each order that follows the set number of orders can use dynamic steps
Multiplier to Dynamic Step – Enter the multiplier to dynamic step
Period A Change the sensitivity to the basic (rapid), oscillator
Period B – Adjust the sensitivity to the slow oscillator
Period C - Period of oscillator slowing down.
Maximum 100 - Expert Advisor will open the first sell basket order at this level.
Low level (Min 1) - When crossing this boundary, the advisor opens the first order of the Buy basket.
Allow to open OP_BUY orders - Enable or disable possibility to open BUY orders.
Allow to open OP_SELL orders - Enable or disable possibility to open SELL orders.
You can allow new orders to be opened after closing - After trading is finished, you can turn off this feature. The Expert Advisor won't then be able open any new orders.
Magic - The basic identifier used to identify orders for the Expert Advisor
Comments - Please comment on orders placed by Expert Advisor
Maximum Slippage in Points - Maximum permissible slippage of points in opening and closing orders
Maximum spread in points - Maximum permitted spread for opening orders. Measured in pips
Maximum number of orders - Maximum allowed number of orders of one type
Send push notifications when closing orders - Allow sending notifications to the mobile version of the terminal. Push notifications when closing orders
Send mails when closing orders - Allow sending push notifications to the user's email address. When closing orders are complete, letters will be sent.
Send alerts when closing orders - Allow sending pop-up notifications on the user's terminal. When closing orders are completed, the alerts will be sent.
Show panel of advisor - Show or hide panel of advisor
Panel size - Change panel size
Font in panels - Adjust panel font size
Buy Lines and Text Color - Adjust font size. Color of lines to display TakeProfit level and mark the next order of Buy
Sell Lines and Colors - The color to mark TakeProfit Level and the next sale

Technical Support​

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To ask questions. Write to our AW Trading team -> [email protected]
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