Auto Lock TPSLTS Free arbitrage ea

Auto Lock TPSLTS Free arbitrage ea 1.0

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Expert Adviser or Manual USER . This EA will automatically help you set a Hidden TP/SL it also has the ability to LockProfit when you have hit a target amount of Pips.
It has built-in TrailStop and Alerts if needed.


  • - Take profit
  • - Stop loss
  • -Modes for TP/SL ( Hidden or Visual)
  • - ProfitLock system
  • -Target point to enable lock profit
  • -After Target point hit then this amount will be Locked (pips)
  • - Trail stop modes ( Classic , Keep Distance, Step by Step)
  • - Trailstop value
  • -Trailstop Step
  • -Slippage
  • -Control (This chart or all charts)

How to use?​

To control all charts Method:
Open a blank extra chart and place profitlock ea onto it. make sure you enable allow DLL
To control only specific symbols
Place the Ea onto the same chart that you want it to control then in the settings section under "ChartSymbolSelection" select "Current Chart Only"

How to disable Functions:

For users that want to disable sections for example if you don't want to use the TP section or the SL section in the "value" section you place "0" this will disable these sections.​

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