Auto Adjustment Trade MT5 forex robot trader

Auto Adjustment Trade MT5 forex robot trader 1.0

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This Expert Advisor adjusts to historical changes in currency pair movement and optimizes certain parameters to track market changes. It determines which indicator readings, candlestick levels, and indicators are best for a particular period of time and then finds the right parameters to open a trade at that moment. It allows you to optimize parameters manually less frequently and to trade longer without losing, regardless of the market changes. However, not all parameters are automatically optimized, you need to set the deviation of indicators from the best value for the opening of the trade by the Expert Advisor. The greater these deviations, the more trades are usually, but then the profitability may decrease. A small number of trades in the history could make it difficult to be profitable in real trading. Try to find such parameters for your account, currency pair and timeframe, so that there is a sufficient number of deals on the history and they often were profitable, then the Expert Advisor will adjust to the market independently. You will find examples of initial settings (made using Meta Quotes) in the discussions.
The Expert Advisor can work on different currency pairs and timeframes. Sets a stop to a trade and can change it on the parabolic.

Input parameters​

  • Lots - size of lot (lot size is calculated from the percentage of free funds in the account, if it is zero;
  • Percent- A percentage of funds that can be used to open new trades (works with Lots=0);
  • OrdersComments - comment to trades;
  • OrdersFilling Modifies the way orders are executed (some brokers may not support all methods);
  • Slippage - slippage (maximum allowed price deviation);
  • MaxSpread - maximum spread for opening a trade (to open the trade when the spread is not higher than this value);
  • Magic - unique identifier (it is necessary to make it different if there is more than one Expert Advisor in one terminal);
  • OpenOpenOrdersDelayBars - delay between opening the next trade;
  • StopLoss - price of order closing when the level of loss is reached;
  • TakeProfit - price of order closing when the profitability level is reached;
  • EnableAutoClose - automatic closing of orders when the signal to close;
  • TrailingStopValue - trailing stop value in pips, (0 - not used);
  • StopToParabolicStep - the parabolic step for trailing stop (0 - not used);
  • History the number of bars in history that will be used to optimize the Expert Advisor automatically (no more than 5000);
  • TPRatio - take profit ratio for optimization;
  • SLRatio - stop loss ratio for optimization;
  • DeviationRSI - deviation of RSI indicator from the best optimized value;
  • PeriodRSI – period RSI indicator
  • DeviationAC - deviation of Accelerator Oscillator indicator from the best optimized value;
  • DeviationAO - deviation of Awesome Oscillator indicator from the best optimized value;
  • AnalysisDelay - delay between automatic optimizations (the less delay, the more often automatic optimization, but the longer testing);
  • DeviationADX - deviation of ADX indicator from the best optimized value;
  • PeriodADX - period of ADX indicator;
  • CandlesVolume - the number of candles to compare volume;
  • PeriodADX2 period for the second ADX indicator
  • MinLevelADX2 the minimum level of second ADX indicator.
  • MaxLevelADX2 - the maximum level of the second ADX indicator;
  • MinuteOpen - minute of trade opening;
  • TradingStartHour - hour of trade start;
  • TradingEndHour - hour of trade end;
  • EnableInfo Show some information.

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