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Aura Rocket MT5 forex robot trader 2.8

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Aura Rocket is a one-of-a-kind expert based on deep machine learning and neural network parameter search technology. The entry point was fine-tuned using a multilayer Psetron. It is based upon the grid expert Aura Turbo. Added several auxiliary author's indicators. Expert Advisor trades are opened primarily in the direction of the trend. Each trade is protected with a stop. No dangerous money management methods are used. It doesn't use grid algorithm, martingale, grid algorithm or arbitrage.
What is Hyper?
In machine learning, optimizing or tuning hyper parameters is the problem of choosing the optimal parameter set for a learning algorithm. A Hyper parameter is a parameter that is used to control the learning process. The values of other parameters, such as node weights, are not trained. The same type of machine learning model may require different constraints, weights, or learning rates to generalize to different data models. These parameters are known as h yperparameters. They must be adjusted so that the model solves the problem optimally. By optimizing this parameter, you can find a set of hyper-parameters which gives the optimal model that minimizes a given loss function on a given independent data.
How to use EA
  • Long-term trading in the classic way. Set the EA to low risk so you can rest easy. Trades are protected with a hard stop loss.
  • You set the Expert Advisor with a higher risk, the drawdown will be larger, the stops will be significant, but there is a possibility of "flying to the moon".
  • Rocket mode allows you to set your maximum risk and the expert will double or lose all of your deposit within 5-6 trades. After each trade, you can withdraw your profits or wait for the expert to double your deposit.
  • Operating symbol XAUUSD
  • Operating time frame: H1
  • Minimum deposit: $100
  • Minimum leverage 1:20
  • CBN broker recommended
  • No grid, martingale, hedging, or any other risky money management techniques
  • Take profit and stop loss for every position
  • Not sensitive to broker conditions, but the lower the gold spread, the better
  • Easy to understand
  • Suitable for FTMO
  • Please be aware of all risks involved in forex trading before you purchase Aura Rocket EA.
  • Last performance is not a guarantee for future profitability (it can also show losses).
  • Backtests, such as those shown in the screenshots, are optimized to find optimal settings. The results cannot be used for real trading.
  • This strategy always uses a stop loss, but the SL execution depends on your broker.
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