AU Gold mt5 scalping forex expert advisor

AU Gold mt5 scalping forex expert advisor 1.20

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The Au Gold Expert Advisor includes a Logarithmic Spiral of cycles. For the purposes of Forex trading, weekly cycles are of most interest. This cycle is the equivalent of an intermediate trend and allows you to determine on which side of the market you should open a position. For a more accurate determination of the open positions, the advisor Au Gold uses the ten-day cycle alpha and beta, as well as the analysis of Eliot Waves and the mathematical basis of Fibonacci numbers. All of this allows the advisor to determine possible correction levels and price points by changing the ratios between different waves. For more details on how the advisor works, I wrote in my Blog
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After purchasing an Expert Advisor, you can get the following as a gift Tech Gold, send me a private message.
Do not buy the advisor if you want to get a huge profit in one month, the advisor is designed for long-term trading, read more about it in the blog
The most ideal ratio of risk to profit in Au Gold EA
A brief overview of Elliott Wave Theory:
  1. A complete bull market cycle consists of eight waves: five waves of growth, followed by three waves of decline.
  2. A correction always consists of three waves.
  3. There are two types of simple corrections: zigzags (5-3-5) and flat waves (3-3-5).
  4. The mathematical basis of the Elliot wave theory is the Fibonacci sequence.
  5. The number of waves that form a trend coincides with the Fibonacci numbers.
  6. The best results of the wave demonstrates on mass markets, such as the market of Gold
Type of accountClassic, ECN, PRO. Leverage 1:20 or higher
Minimal/Recommended Deposit100$
Can work with other EAsYes
All my programs are available only on the website Fakes on the Internet have nothing to do with the original and do not repeat the strategy of the EA
Risk Warning: Past results are no guarantee of future profitability (EA may also incur losses).
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