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The Expert Advisor works with 20 pairs in a 1 timeframe. The Expert Advisor uses different trading systems such as trend-following, counter-trending and others. The Expert Advisor uses multiple trading systems to increase the likelihood of steady growth. It also reduces the effect of specific trades or pairs. The risk is carefully controlled.
Intelligent profit-taking filter that adapts to changing circumstances.
Each currency and each timeframe are optimized by the Expert Advisor. Any broker can use the Expert Advisor.
Attention! This EA is only for "hedging" accounts.
An EA version for MetaTrader 4:
Does not use martingale, grid and other risky strategies.
Use economic news.
To make the Expert Advisor work, go to "Tools", "Settings", and then "Advisors". Make sure you check the box "Allow WebRequests for the Following URLs" Add the following: , and click "OK".
  • Multi_Currency_BackTest - When true - the multicurrency tester is used. False - The current currency and the timeframe will be used.
For quick testing use:
  • Methods for modeling ticks:
    • Control points

Pairs and Timeframe​

  • These are the pairs that optimize advisor performance:
    1. EURUSD/M5.
    2. GBPUSD / M5.
    3. GBPJPY/M5.
    4. GBPCHF / GB5.
    5. USDJPY/M5.
    6. AUDUSD / M5.
    7. GBPAUD / M5.
    8. USDCAD / M5.
    9. GBPCAD/M5.
    10. EURAUD/M5.
    11. EURCAD/M5.
    12. EURGBP / M5.
    13. EURJPY / M5.
    14. GBPCHF / M5.
    15. NZDUSD/M5.
    16. GBPNZD / M5.
    17. AUDCAD/M5.
    18. NZDCAD / M5.
    19. AUDNZD / M5.
    20. EURNZD / M5.

Requirements and recommendations​

  • Advisor must be attached to only one chart (any of the working pairs) - all trading on all pairs is conducted only from one chart! You can disable or enable currencies by changing the settings.
  • Minimum recommended balance for the advisor (when used on the recommended pairs and timeframes) - $ 1000 or $ 10 on cent account.
  • VPS.

Main parameters​

  • EURUSD - used currency;
  • ...
  • EURNZD is the currency being used
  • Magic_Start - Trade ID;
  • Magic_Finish - Trade ID;
  • Symbols_Prefix(Suffix)_Name - enter ONLY prefix (suffix) if broker uses it in symbol name (for example: "m."(".m") if the name of the pair is "m.EURUSD"("EURUSD.m"));
  • Use_Risk_StopLoss - Risk based on Stop Loss.
    • Custom_balance - FreeMargin = false or Balance = true.
    • Percentage Risk - Risk interest.
  • Fixed_Lot - constant lot;
  • Order Type - Trade directions;
  • Order Comments – Order comments
  • Slippage - slippage
  • Show_Info_Panel - information panel (false - quick backtest);
  • Multi_Currency_BackTest:
    • True - Multicurrency tester can be used.
    • False - The current currency and the timeframe are used
  • Show_additional_panel - profit panel for each month, only for the backtest;
  • The adaptation of the spread to stop loss-adaptation of stop loss to spread
  • Max Spread - maximum allowable spread
  • Stop strategy trend - disable trading for time (from 5 minutes to 24 hours) if the average spread exceeds Max_Spread;
  • Economic news filter:
    • use_high(medium/low)_news - trade by news;
    • Select http or https - protocol for downloading economic news;
  • http
  • https
  • News_update_every_N_minutes - news updates every N minutes;
  • The colors of news lines on the chart;
  • Style/width_Lines- style/width.
Trades within one week
  • Monday If true trade is on Monday
  • ...
  • Friday -- if there is a trade.
Intraday trading:
  • Time If you are trading in time
  • GMT setting - GMT settings;
  • GMT Auto ( only for real ) - automatic GMT shift (not for tester);
  • GMT Mode - manual adjustment;
  • GMT_mode is a mode to determine the offset for the server time starting at GMT (0 - off).
  • Every_Day_Start - start time (hh:mm);
  • Every_Day_End - the end time (hh:mm).
Disable_in_Friday Friday ends at 05:00
  • Time Trade is true when it's on-time
  • Disable_in_Friday - Friday end time (hh:mm).
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