ArcTrader breakout forex ea hacked

ArcTrader breakout forex ea hacked 2.0

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ArcTrader can trade all markets: stocks, forex, commodities, futures and cryptos. The strategies are developed based on various Price Actions that will be observed on different Fibonacci Arc Levels.
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  • Works on any market and time frames
  • Multiple Strategies in 4 categories: Retracement, Breakout, Trend Follow, Reversal
  • You can trade simultaneously on multiple markets from the same account
  • During trading, display Fibonacci Arch Levels
  • Can do scalping or Hedging
  • Withdrawal Management. Daily Loss Limit and Equity Drawdown protection
  • Money based Hidden Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • Fibonacci Trailing and Percentage Trailing. ATR Trailing. Spike Trailing.


ALLOW_TRADETrue to trade ON, and false to trade OFF
MaximumTrades: Maximum number of trades to open for any market. Minimum value is 1. A value more than 1 will activate Hedging mode
Number of Fibonacci Levels to Draw
: Draw Fibonacci levels based on ZigZag. True, BarsToProcess will not apply.
ZigZagDepth: Value for ZigZag Depth
ZigZagDeviationValue to ZigZag Deviation
Trading_Start_Time: Session start time
Trading_Finish_Time: Session end time
* Start time must be before the finish time.
Trading_Start_Day - Start day for the week
Trading_Finish_Day - Ending day
*Value between 0 and 6, where 0 is Sunday, while 6 is Saturday
Spread - Maximum allowed spread. Recommendations: 5-10 This value will be checked for opening, closing
Slippage - Maximum slippage allowed. Recommendation: 3-5 This number will be used to determine whether the item is open or closed.
FixedLot Set the fixed lot size value if you only want to use a fixed lot. UseAutoLot must be false in order to be effective.
UseAutoLot: Set to true if you want to use Auto lot rather than Fixed lot. When auto lot in use it is a good idea to withdraw profit every now and then
Maximum Risks in Percentage when UseAutoLot works. Recommend setting 0.01
LotDecreaseFactorIfLossOccurs: Reduce lot whenever loss happens. Minimum value is 0
LotIncreaseFactorIfWinsOccurs: Increase lot whenever wins happens. The minimum value of the 0 is
FixedStopLossFixedSL Value in Points 0 for no stop
FixedTakeProfit: Fixed TP value in points. 0 for no target
*FixedStopLoss and FixedTakeProfit will not be in effect if UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit is true
UseAutoStopLossTakeProfit: Set to true to use auto stop loss and take profit value rather than fixed value.
StopLoss_Multiplier: Multiply stop loss value with the default stop loss value that the EA decides. Minimum value is 1.
TakeProfit_Multiplier: Multiply take profit value with the default take profit value that the EA decides. Minimum value is 1
UseHiddenStopLossTakeProfit: Set to true to hide your original plan
HiddenStopLossInMoney: The idea is to place order with large stop or no stop at all and exit with a predetermined loss in money
HiddenTakeProfitInMoney: The idea is same as above
WithdrawPoint: Put your desired profit level target when you want the EA to enter into a safe mode. EA won't place trades, but will manage trades open until withdraw is completed.
DailyLossLimit: Maximum loss of the day for each market. EA will stop trading the day after reaching this limit.
MaximunDrawdown EA will cease trading once the maximum equity drawdown has occurred.
CloseProfitTradesAtTradingFinishTime: To close only profit trades when trading time is finished
CloseAllTradesAtTradingFinishTime: To close all trades when trading time is finished
UsePercentageTrailing: When more than 90% target achieved move stop loss at 80%. If HiddenTakeProfitInMoney is in use stop loss will be moved to nearest price when 90% target achieved
FibonacciTrailing: To trail based on Fibonacci levels
ATRTrailing: To trail based on ATR
SpikeTrailing To trail based upon large spikes
UseRetracementStrategy: True or False
UseBreakOutStrategy: True or False
UseReversalStrategy - True/False
UseTrendFollowStrategy: True or False
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